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Apple iPad 2 Sales Forecasts to be Smashed: Could be 45 Million

April 14, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Since the release of the Apple iPad 2 last month we’ve spoken several times about the staggering success of this tablet device. The huge demand soon became evident and we spoke about how sales forecasts by analysts were being raised to 30 million units in 2011. Now it seems even those updated sales forecasts may be smashed by the latest news that 45 million iPads could be sold in 2011.

Demand outstripped supply both in the US and also on the international release and we issued advice for iPad 2 stock tracking so that readers could find the nearest stock available and then recently noted how supplies were starting to improve. A week ago we told how sales figures so far put the numbers of the iPad 2 sold so far at around 2.6 million meaning it was selling even faster than the original iPad released the previous year. Now Neil Hughes over on Apple Insider reports that the possibility of 45 million units being sold in 2011, comes from component makers abroad.

Ticonderoga Securities analyst, Brian White, is currently in China for trade meetings and garnered these huge sales forecasts. (We also reported yesterday that White has also issued a note to investors about the possibility of an Apple HDTV set by the end of 2011). White’s own sales forecast for the iPad 2 was for 30.9 million units, similar to the increased forecast from Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company that we mentioned earlier. Another analyst, Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets predicted sales of 28 million iPad’s in 2011 but Digitimes, a Chinese newspaper, last month cited industry sources suggesting that the figure could be nearer to 40 million.

These sales forecasts continue to amaze us but no tablet seems to be able to command the market in the way that the iPad does, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. If you want to add to the sales figures of the iPad 2 you can find out more at the product page at here, or order from the Apple Store here. What are your thoughts on these massive sales forecasts? Let us know with your comments.

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  • John Whelan

    As an old product Design Engineer, I find it staggering that Apple can have so outclassed all of its competitors in design, ease-of-use, functionality and general appeal that it must be a nightmare for the design managers of its competitors. How would you go about trying to compete when Apple invariably is at, or very near, best in class in almost everything it does? And while you are trying to come up with the world's best smart phone or pad, you can't even get close on the enormous power and success of the iTunes and App stores. Its products have reached the stage of must-haves and to be seen with anything else requires constant justification. That is what is increasingly in Apple's favour. That Apple products have captured the minds of the public, both young and old, to this extent is amazing and a credit to the very careful way that Jobs has built his company and developed his products. Their rapidly growing financial success is another thing that no competitor can get close to. I predict that a lot of companies in the smartphone and tablet markets will disappear within 3 years as they kill each other for what little market space Apple leaves for them.

  • randompsychology

    Doubt it. Or hadn't you heard that Android is the #1 mobile platform in the world?