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Justin Bieber’s HeartStrings Pulled By Blind “Jasmin” On YouTube

April 13, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Video sharing site YouTube has and is still proving a popular way for people to upload, share and view videos. Many people that access the site can find content from recent and past TV clips, sporting events, music videos of their favorite pop stars and the occasional amateur clip thrown in for good measure. Past news we have given you has included many individuals or groups that have started off life with a hidden talent to then go onto bigger and better things. One such star is that of Jasmin Alvarez.

Today’s news is of a young lady and one goal that she had set out to achieve, to meet her pop star dream Justin Bieber. What makes this story special is that Alvarez who is visually impaired had produced a song named “If You Only Knew” expressing her feelings towards the Canadian “Baby” star and posted the clip onto YouTube with the hope that she would be able to meet him.

In a last ditch attempt to meet her knight in shining armour, she has taken to the site and addressed Bieber with her own message saying “So Justin this song is for you, if by any chance you hear this song I hope you enjoy listening to it and I hope that you can help this dream of mine to come true, it would really mean the world to me if you could. Within the first 5 minutes as metro reported of the video going live on YouTube, some 30,000 people had watched it with 1,000 likes.

Along with YouTube fans, online social networking site Twitter has been inundated with fans doing their bit to get Justin Bieber to meet up with Jasmin with a hashtag set up that reads #biebsmeetjasmin and a account called @BiebsMeetJasmin with over 4,249 followers already clicking away.

Check out the video below and give us your thoughts?

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