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Facebook May Be Due Back In Court- Another Claimant

April 13, 2022 | Matt Tran

Facebook may be due back in the court room no sooner had they come out. We saw yesterday how the Winklevoss twins failed in an attempt to get more money out of the social networking giant, and now another claimant feels he is due a ride on the gravy train because of the site’s colossal success.

The Daily Mail has reported that Paul Ceglia is seeking a huge 50% chunk of the company after he claimed that he lent Mark Zuckerberg around $2000 when the company was first starting out, offering him half of the company in exchange. Ceglia has released emails exchanged between himself and Mr Zuckerberg that were sent back in 2003 to back up his claims.

Facebook’s army of lawyers have laughed off the claims, calling them ridiculous. Orin Snyder, a Facebook attorney said “This is a fraudulent lawsuit brought by a convicted felon and we look forward to defending it in court.” Cegilia’s representatives have claimed the emails will provide a contemporaneous account of events, which will show Zuckerberg as a Harvard student opposed to man of the year.

It remains to be seen if Mr Ceglia is entitle to a share of the Facebook fortune, no matter how big or small. The chances of a 50% stake of the company being granted to the claimant are remote, especially as a has a record of criminal fraud. Personally I can see Facebook winning yet another legal battle but the numbers tell you that eventually someone will get something from them. Is Ceglia due a share of Facebook? Leave us your views in the comments.

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