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Apple iPad 3 Fall Release Rumor: Part Suppliers Say False

April 12, 2022 | Debbie Turner

It’s hardly any time at all since the release of the iPad 2 and yet even before its launch there were Apple iPad 3 fall release rumors. After the iPad 2 was launched we told how it could scupper the idea of another iPad this year and now part suppliers are also saying that the rumors of another iPad this year are false.

Not long ago OSM’s Maddy Rowe wrote about possible features for an iPad 3 with talk of a release in September and it seems many people held back from purchasing an iPad 2 because of the possibility of an even better iPad later this year. Only the other day we talked about the likelihood of the new Thunderbolt port coming to future iPad’s and iPhone’s and then yesterday there was further speculation on possible carbon fiber casings for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 which would make these devices even lighter still.

Another feature that many would like to see on the next iPad is a better display, similar to that of the Retina Display on the iPhone 4, but today’s news seems to suggest it will be a longer wait than had been anticipated. According to Mark Gurman on 9to5Mac, part suppliers in China are highly dubious about another iPad this year saying they have yet to receive orders for iPad 3 components. Digitimes, a Chinese newspaper, reports that rumors of the iPad 3 this year are indeed false and without merit, especially considering the recent release of the iPad 2.

The information comes from touch panel makers who state that Apple is requesting panels, which will “support higher image quality” than the iPad 2 and that an AMOLED or Full HD-supporting panel is possible. This is in the very early stages though so highly unlikely to come to fruition this year. The sources feel that if an iPad 3 does come about this year it would be a very “minimal upgrade” to the iPad 2, maybe with a different communication format, which 9to5Mac speculates could be a 4G LTE version.

An article on PC World also discusses the Digitimes report and mentions the possibility of an AMOLED display for the iPad 3 but points out that Samsung currently dominates the AMOLED market and Apple would be unlikely to want to jeopardize its own production of devices by depending on a competitor. Were you hoping to see an iPad 3 this year? Let us know your thoughts on this by sending us your comments.

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  • lwell

    OMG…yes….we need RETINA display on the iPad! The iPad is truly great and the 2 is a nice improvement.
    Retina would be amazing, but the iPad 2 was just recently announced, let's fully use it and enjoy it! Let those early speculation on the iPad 3 that won't come out for a year go with the wind ;)
    P.S. Hey, iPad guys, for playing and enjoying with the iPad, I found this wiki article catches my eyes lots:…