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Sony Hit Back At Nintendo 3DS Health Concerns: Justified?

April 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

The saga between Nintendo’s 3DS gaming console and its subsequent health concerns still continues, with the company hitting back that claims of the newly released device are causing headaches, eye problems and feelings of fatigue.

Just last week we reported that some of you had been experiencing these very problems with the 3DS console and consequently were returning to the store where you made your purchase to try and claim a full refund. In light of recent news, Nintendo have stated that the glasses-free 3D device and its claimed ill effects are uncommon, this being backed up by a Cambridge professor.

Following on from this, Sony have also commented on their PS3 and Bravia 3DTV range saying that as softpedia reported, that if used in the correct fashion, 3D images are not an issue as are those found on 2D devices.

In a statement from Mick Hocking, Head of Internal 3D development over at Sony, he has said “Firstly, this is much less of a problem than many people imagine. For example, just wearing a pair of reading glasses will cause a much larger decoupling of your focus/convergence than a typical stereoscopic image will generate. Even so, in many stereoscopic images, the subject is placed close to the plane of the screen which makes the image as comfortable to view as a 2D image. We always ensure that the separation of focus and convergence in our games is set within a comfortable range.”

As Sony pointed out, in order to deflect from any such health concerns, they are in talks with their developers to provide games that include a “virtual slider” allowing players to adjust the 3D to their personal preference. The 3D world of technology is no doubt playing an instrumental part in relation to devices that are coming out even with mobile handsets now featuring the very item, take the HTC Evo 3D or LG Optimus 3D, and Sony have announced 3D support to many of their PS3 games such as Racher & Clank and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Have you yourself experienced any eye or headache problems, if so did you get a refund? What are your thoughts on Sony introducing a virtual slider to future innovations?

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  1. Lee says:

    Stereoscopic 3D gaming has been around for over ten years on the PC. I've used it for that long. It really is something that is going to vary from person to person and for some it is something that has to be practiced for some time to get used to it. For as long as I have been doing it I can view images at realistic depths, where mountains really look like they are in the distance. Also having a bigger screen TV helps a lot. I experimented with generating images (MPOs) from my Pc and viewing them on the 3DS and found for such a small screen the depth needs to be shallow. And so far a lot of games I have tried are too shallow despite having the 3D slider maximized.

  2. Neku of Life says:

    I bought the 3DS on launch, and so far its been amazing, to only reason I ever got eyestrain, is A) i was looking at it wrong (the side below above etc.), B) because crappy 3D programing by a non Nintendo company….however anything that Nintendo has released has been amazing, as they always are, and for people who get eye strain its because their looking at it for hours on end, without turning the 3D off or taking short breaks, which as it says on the opening screen and help section (para phrasing) "for every hour of game play, take a quick 10-15min break", however I've probably played for 2 hours without a break, and my personal "eye strain" is non-existent, unless as I mentioned I was doing the above two things.

    Without the 3D slider their might be a valid point, to these concerns, but for people who are in fact having problems, simply turn the 3D off its that easy

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