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Facebook Photos Become a Security Issue: Latest Scam

April 11, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Facebook Photos Become a Security Issue: Latest Scam

We all know how good Facebook can be especially as many of you like to keep in contact with distant friends and family around the world. With that being the case you would surely like to know that even though the massive social network has been making many changes that it still maintains the high level of personal security that we have call come to expect.

As many of you already know, Facebook has gone through some pretty impressive and large changes on their site. Some of them include the post button being removed in favor of the Enter key and also the new Facebook Questions has been successfully rolled out to all users. Now we are hearing that Facebook Photos seem to have become a Security Issue becoming the latest scam and we thought you should know about it.

We learned about the security problem through’s Jackie Cohen who reports that if you haven’t opted out of photo tagging suggestions on Facebook then you may want to mainly because photos are the new way that Malware and spam is spreading throughout Facebook.

If you are to opt out of having this feature then it will only remove your name from the suggestions that Facebook makes when someone is tagging their photos however there isn’t any way that you can completely shut off tagging. This is where the malware comes into play; this is the entire reason that malware and spammers are using Facebook photos to do their dirty work.

There’s an awesome explanation of the issue over at so head over and read their author’s article about it. Remember if you already know about it and have already been infected, follow these instructions and you can remove it all completely from your page.

What do you think of all the Facebook scams that are sweeping through the site? Have you seen this one already? Let us know in the comments section below.

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