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Droid Charge, Incredible 2 & Xperia Play Release Dates So Far?

April 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Droid Charge, Incredible 2 & Xperia Play Release Dates So Far?

The world of technology is constantly evolving and this can be seen over the last couple of months. New tablets, TV’s, In-Car Entertainment, 3D inclusion and of course smartphones are just some of the devices that have made or coming to retailer shelves. But its 3 mobile handsets and their release dates that we wanted to give you news on.

The 3 in question are the Samsung Droid Charge, the HTC Droid Incredible 2 and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Each packed with their own specific features and price tags, the one question on people’s lips is of course the launch date. Rumors have been constantly flying around in relation to the 3 but over at, they too have managed to find out dates and its this very item that we wanted to update you guys on.

The first being the Droid Charge is rumored to release on April 14th so if this is the case, there may only be a matter of days to wait. We should know for certain by tomorrow (12th) as previously carrier Verizon who will be running with the phone, announce their Thursday releases on the Tuesday. Initially the handset was due to release on the 7th April but of course this has been and gone, and only yesterday we gave you news that a multimedia desktop dock had been spotted on a leaked photo suggesting that the release is now imminent and not too far away. Click here to find out more on the Samsung Droid Charge.

Secondly moving onto the Droid Incredible 2. This is now destined to make an entrance on 21st April as oppose to initial reports of the 28th April, click here to find out a spec comparison that Debbie here at OSM made against another rival, that of the Samsung Galaxy II. Or further to this, check out the price comparison we made against the Droid Charge vs Droid Incredible 2, see what you think.

Last but of course not least, is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, which out of the 3 has probably had the most press. This is down to the device attracting a whole lot of attention since August/September of last year. The mobile phone come gaming device is expected to release on the 28th April, but this may suffer delays due to the horrific earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.

Are any of the above ticking your boxes? If so which one(s), and why?

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