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Apple iPhone 5 Amazon Release Already: No Way

April 10, 2022 | Debbie Turner

There’s a very odd news story to report today about giant online retailer Amazon. Many of you are waiting for news about the Apple iPhone 5 release and recent rumors are that it is now expected later in the year, rather than around June or July, which is the time many anticipated. However according to an ad that Amazon is running on Google, the iPhone 5 is on sale through them and even looks as though you can buy it now. Do we think the iPhone 5 is at Amazon now? No way!

It isn’t unusual for ads to arise from mysterious vendors about big-name products, purely to cash in on advertising, but the fact that it is Amazon is a big departure from the norm. The ad concerned, which you can see below, even offers free shipping and some might say that this looks a little misleading to say the least. As Beatweek found out, if you click on the ad it merely leads to sales for the iPhone 4 and whether this is a rather shrewd stunt or a simple typo on Amazon’s part is open to question.

This is provoking some stern response by other tech sites. Appera for example says, “Shady shady!” Gizmo Crunch go as far as saying they’re pretty sure that the ad “may be a violation of Google Ad policies,” and points out that as the phrase “iPhone 5” is searched 1.8 million times, it would seem to much to think that Amazon used this as a “coincidence.” Is Amazon, as NBC Bay Area puts it, maybe “shamelessly cashing in the hype”? Another site, iSmashPhone calls it a “pretty crappy” ploy by Amazon to run an ad for a device that is so far only rumor.

One other thing to consider of course is the very small possibility that Amazon knows something we don’t but we do think that’s a miniscule likelihood. What are your thoughts on Amazon offering the iPhone 5 for sale? Deliberately crafty or a simple mistake? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. peter says:

    this is simply a style of advertising used by many advertisers on google. The insert the keyword used to search into the ad itself. When you go to the page Amazon would purely find the closest match. I am sure you could convince it to display ads for iPhone 6 if you tried hard enough.

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