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What NOT To Share On Facebook

April 9, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Facebook has been going through many changes of late such as the post button being removed from comments in favor of hitting the Enter key on your keyboard and the Facebook Places has gone global but that doesn’t change what you should and shouldn’t share on Facebook.

There are some things that we feel you really shouldn’t put on there so we thought we should tell you what not to share on Facebook. There’s an article over on where their author Nick O’Neill shares his thoughts on the subject and it seems he has something against feet as he says not to share pictures of them. Fortunately none of my friends (that I know of) have any kind of foot fetish so at least I am safe for now.

Something that really shouldn’t be shared really is your phone number, this is a big NoNo in our books, Facebook has had several security risks in the past and if you don’t want a random person contacting you then it’s best not to add it. Of course there’s other statistics that show people’s security settings aren’t always up to date so you could be broadcasting it to people all over the world!

The ‘It’s Complicated’ relationship status is another one, if you are going through a rough patch then that should remain between yourself and your partner, you need not broadcast it to all of your friends. If you value your relationship, telling all of your friends about your rough patch isn’t really going to help, in fact it may make things worse.

O’Neill also says about checking in to common locations such as when you go to a shop and he doesn’t believe you need to share that with your friends. He does say that it is worth checking in if you are snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef but surely there are security risks here, a lot of robberies take place while you are away on holiday and sometimes they are by people you class as friends.

What other things do you think shouldn’t be shared on Facebook? Do you agree with the ones we have mentioned? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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