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E3 2011: Sony Leaked Device List Bears All: Rumor Or Not?

April 7, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

For many of you who consider yourself as avid gamers, the E3 event due to kick off on June 7th is the one big opportunity to hear about up and coming devices along with gaming content. Today it seems we have to some leaked Sony device news to give you from who is known as a “reliable source.”

As stated via HookedGamers, a French forum site containing a poster has been leaked from the above source who at this stage has been possibly named as a Sony employee. In relation to E3′s event last year, the unknown source made his predictions which turned out to be surprisingly close to what was announced.

Firstly if we start off by telling you that the much talked about NGP has been rumored to be a huge topic of discussion at E3 this year, with details being given on its official name, release date and of course pricing structure. Along with this as the source reported, there will be 7 first party titles including Wipeout which will be released during the first quarter of the NGP’s official release.

As well as this, Hideo Kojima is more than likely to change over to the Peace Walker with another offering of the Metal Gear game. Additional information to give you, is of various playable games being available such as Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian and so on. To find out more titles head on over to

As well as finding out when the likelihood is, of picking up one of these devices, gaming giants Sony are rumored to make an announcement of yet more games, at least 37 that will launch December next year.

Unfortunately the one piece of rumored news that no doubt will disappoint many of you, will be the “no show” of the PS4, which judging by comments made by a lot of you, was the one device that you were waiting for news on.

Tell us what you think about the rumors? Is there anything above that you are keen to hear about, or perhaps there’s something else that deserves a mention?

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