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BlackBerry PlayBook Delay: Apple’s Domineering Market Blamed?

April 7, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

For many of you who have been waiting for the BlackBerry PlayBook, will no doubt be aware that the swanky new tablet was due to be initially released early part of this year, but then news started to filter through that the device would unfortunately be delayed. The reason? Steve Jobs and his company Apple, or so a report has concluded.

AppleInsider have reported via Digitimes that the tech giants Apple had already booked up a huge number of available touch display panels therefore causing the production line to cripple under the strain. The number of panels we can only assume were for the iPad 2 which launched just over a month ago.

The PlayBook which is due for release on April 19th and is reported to be a stiff contender to the next generation iPad, Motorola Xoom and so on, was postponed for at least a month due to what has been reported as a “delay in software testing as well as shortage of touch panels because Apple already booked up most of the available capacity.”

Digitimes interestingly reported that in total, Apple have managed to secure at least $3.9 billion in terms of investment just to reserve a huge chunk of touch screen capacity, and over $50 billion in cash reserves just to be able to reserve priority and pricing with regards to components.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you waiting for the PlayBook? What are your feelings towards the tablet’s delay and Apple being the contributory factor?

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