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Identifying Your Facebook Stalker: The Tell Tale Signs

April 6, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to the world’s largest social network there have been quite a few things floating around that could be harmful such as the Charlie Sheen death hoax that swept through Facebook. Luckily for all you guys, we added an article that told you how to get rid of it all if you didn’t already know.

Now we have some top tips on identifying your Facebook stalker and the tell tale signs that you are being ‘followed’. We originally heard about this through’s Nick O’Neill, the first one that you should be aware of is your friends list displayed on your page, the top people that you interact with on the site show up here as well as the contacts that you share the most connections with. Just beware if someone you don’t know particularly well shows up there.

Strange messages coming through your Facebook chat, this is where O’Neill describes that generally the stalkers don’t just stalk one potential victim, they go for many and that single response you send to their weird message saying “who are you?” could be enough to keep them watching you.

Another one to look out for is comments on your photos from a long time ago, sure when you post them on your profile there’s almost an expectancy that there will be a few comments especially if they are from a night out or something. But if you start getting comments on them then just keep an eye on it, remember that these do also appear in the top right hand corner of your Facebook window so don’t go accusing straight away.

What other tell tale signs can you think of that we haven’t mentioned are there that need to be shared with other readers? Tell us in the comments section below.

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