Seagate Super Slim GoFlex Hard Drive: Price & Release Date

When it comes to portable storage we have reported on a few devices in recent times, one from Plextor, another from Freecom, the ioSafe hard drive and of course one from Seagate that gives you 2 TB for a mere $75. We do have another from Seagate to tell you about today.

We learned of Seagate’s latest hard drive through Engadget’s Darren Murph where he has added an article talking about Seagate’s super slim GoFlex Hard Drives as well as a price and release date. The new portable hard drives from Seagate are expected to be with us on August 5th for around $99.

The model in the possession of Engadget was a 320GB 7200RPM drive with USB 3.0 support but the interesting thing about these devices from Seagate is the use of the GoFlex cable. From the official Seagate website you can see that the hard drives come in multiple colors ranging from white through to magenta and the special cable allows you to have much faster transfer speeds between PC and device.

For any of you who aren’t quite sure about GoFlex and how effective it is, head to the bottom of the article for a full explanation video courtesy of Seagate.

What do you think of Seagate’s new portable hard drives? Let us know in the comments section below.