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Nintendo 3DS: Declined Refunds After Illness Reports

April 5, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Nintendo’s 3DS gaming console finally released on the 25th March in the UK and the 27th in America, and no doubt many of you are generally pleased about your device in question, but is this the case on a much bigger scale? Not so, if reports are anything to go by today.

Some of you it seems have been experiencing dizziness and headaches due to the gaming console, and the number complaining about these very health concerns are growing. Many users of the new handheld are reporting that they have been feeling ill after playing on the device. In turn a fair number of you are returning to the store where you made your purchase for a full refund, only to find that a percentage of stores are unwilling to partake in such a request.

The news today has been widespread so much so, that national newspapers such as The Sun in the UK have reported that thousands of you have been trying to return the 3DS. As Gary over at PR News stated, one such example of this, was when a father played on the Nintendo console with his son, and after a mere 3 minutes became ill. After promptly returning to his local GAME store, he was firstly refused a refund, but after was seemed like a possible war of words, the father managed to get a refund of £176.99, £30 less than it originally cost.

In order to try and keep their customers, HMV have been giving full refunds but only until this Thursday with GAME giving refunds of £50 under the official retail price. We have to say that here at OSM we are not in the least bit surprised by this recent 3DS news, as on a number of occasions we brought you news about concerns with eye fatigue whilst playing on the console.

Back in January, we reported about the inclusion of 3D on the console and how it could cause visual disorders in children. Along with this, a survey of volunteers in Japan had played on the console and reported the exact same issues of dizziness and headaches causing the users to turn off the device.

As Gary stated, Nintendo have said that the console is not suitable for the under sevens and cannot be used for more than 30 minutes at a time without turning the 3D function off.

Tell us if you have bought a 3DS and have suffered? Are you looking to get a refund, or if you have tried, were you successful?

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  1. drift says:

    yo these so called stupid people who are feeling sick are such weak minded fools grr and they piss me off. With all the rumors surrounding the 3ds its going to happen isn't it, with all the news hitting headlines before these idiots have even tried it out. Their blatantly going to complain about head aches, well i tell them this go get a new brain you weaklings grrr. I'v had one since feb and no stupid head aches, and same as my mates no head ache,s its a bit dizzy at first but like anything your head gets used to it so shut up you moany old cows ll

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