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Motorola Xoom Price Drop: Let The War Begin

April 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When you think about the Motorola Xoom, what springs to the forefront of your mind, some of us at OSM’s thoughts are the best in show at CES 2011, Android Honeycomb 3.0 and of course that other minor detail, overpriced. The only plus side to the price being high is that it can’t go any higher and that it can only come down right?

According to Slashgear’s Chris Davies the Motorola Xoom WiFi model has received a slight reduction from the UK retailer Dixons. We say let the Motorola Xoom price drop war begin! The device is normally priced at £499.99 in the UK and Dixons have taken the WiFi version down by £20 a few days prior to its release.

This is perhaps the start and we may start seeing the odd bargain weekend here and there for the Xoom, we may start seeing other retailers taking off an extra £20 or £30 off the markup to get people into their stores.

If the price does start to drop then this device could turn into an even bigger threat to the likes of the Apple iPad 2 and the BlackBerry PlayBook. The device from Apple will undoubtedly be as iconic as its predecessor and the PlayBook is building a pretty impressive following too.

If the Motorola Xoom price comes down any further would you pick it over an iPad 2 or a BlackBerry PlayBook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • enzo07i

    Price is the 3rd factor for me in buying Tablet.
    so meaning even if the price is down, I cannot consider it,

    I'll choose Playbook, because it is the only tablet that show us the power to multitask, just like desktop.

    playbook can do internet tethering using any types of phone
    playbook can do blackberry bridge using blackberry phones
    playbook support full web browsing experience not mobile version
    playbook support flash
    playbook can support android apps
    playbook can multitask with power not switchapps multitasking
    playbook have HDMI
    playbook have USB port
    Playbook have 3MP and 5MP camera
    Playbook have 1 Ghz Dual core processor
    Playbook have 1G RAM
    Playbook have 10hours battery life continual usage
    Playbook is 7inch, more portable
    Playbook preinstalled with Docs to Go, very important apps for me,
    Playbook preinstalled with full version of need for speed
    Playbook uses real gorilla glass
    Playbook uses multilayer OS from QNX.
    Playbook have more features….just compare

  • Paul

    The only thing wrong with the Playbook is its name. Sounds like something they give to kids at nursery school.
    You will enjoy your Playbook, I will enjoy my Xoom, iPad owners will enjoy their iPads. Why all the hate of other devices and their owners these days?
    For the record I have a laptop running Windows 7, an iPhone 4 and a Xoom. I use them all equally for different purposes and they all excel at what they do.
    Because I have Apple and Android does that mean I have to hate myself?