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Cloud Storage: Companies Ready to Climb on Board

April 5, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Cloud Storage: Companies Ready to Climb on Board

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the term ‘cloud’ meant nothing to a lot of us but it’s very quickly become a term that most people have at least some idea of. It seems that businesses have also become quickly aware of cloud storage and a new survey reports that many companies are now willing to climb on board with using cloud storage .

The survey was conducted by Storage Strategies NOW, a market research firm, in conjunction with the Storage Networking Industry Association, and questioned 2,000 respondents who had attended Storage Networking World, a trade show. More than half, 57%, said that their businesses had plans to take cloud storage on board, initially for email, then for front office following up eventually for data backup.

The survey details were brought to us by Lucas Mearian over on Computerworld, but we should point out straight away that the results would probably be more favorable than average when considering those surveyed had already expressed an interest in cloud storage by attending the trade show. However, there are some interesting statistics. When asked when they planned to adopt cloud storage 16% indicated they would within the next 6 months, 27% said six months to a year, 17% said a year to 18 months, 12% said 18 months to 2 years and 22% said they already used cloud storage. You can find out much more about the survey findings at the Computerworld link above.

Over on eWeek, Chris Preimesberger also reports on the survey and notes that Deni Connor, SSN principal analyst said, “”Among the findings are that standards for cloud storage are viewed as important in advancing the industry and that for many organizations, the security of data stored in the cloud isn’t as much of a concern as lack of budget is.” What are your thoughts on cloud storage and is your company considering adopting its use? Let us know with your comments.

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