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Epsilon Email Data Breach: List of Affected Companies Grows

April 4, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We have news today of a huge data breach at Epsilon, a large email marketing company, which has stated that on Friday it suffered a data breach whereby emails were accessed without authorization. The company has now issued its corporate customers about the hacking with notifications of this security exposure.

Epsilon counts many large companies among its customers and just some of those affected are TiVo, Kroger, JPMorgan Chase, Ritz Carlton Rewards, US Bank, Capital One and Citi. Many more companies and their customers have also been affected with recent additions being the Home Shopping Network and Disney Destinations. Charlie White on Mashable, sourced from Security Week, brings us this news and a list of all the companies affected that are known about so far, which is ominously being added to.

As Mashable notes, the client list of Epsilon send over 40 billion emails every year so it’s likely the current list will increase. Some customers of these companies have been informed of the security breach with TiVo customers being notified, ironically, via email. TiVo informed its customers that the breach would only give out first names and/or email addresses and in the customer notification emails TiVo has attempted to play down the consequences of the breach by saying that the customers’ service and “any other personally identifiable information were not at risk and remain secure,” but also asked its customers to be cautious.

This may not do much in the way of damage limitation though as many people won’t be happy at having their email accounts opened up to phishing and spamming attempts. A report on The New York Times says that a spokeswoman for Epsilon, Jessica Simon, says the company is “currently working with authorities and is conducting a full investigation,” and adds, “we are limited in what we can share.”

What are your thoughts on the Epsilon security breach? Are you one of those customers affected? Let us know with your comments.

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