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Angry Birds Viral Video: Fake Movie Trailer Storms YouTube

April 4, 2022 | Matt Tran

Here at OSM we bring you as much of the latest news on topics like YouTube virals and Angry Birds as possible. Today we have a post which contains both of these things, and it is really ruffling some feathers.

We recently brought you viral videos like Casey the punisher, the latest epic rap battle of history and WrestleMania 27, as well as the news that Angry Birds Rio had smashed 10 million downloads in just 10 days. A new viral video has recently surfaced and it is a fan made Angry Birds movie trailer which has become a huge hit! Just to clarify it is not “Rio” which is out in cinemas this month.

Take a look at the hilarious trailer your self, which we have embedded below courtesy of Electric Pig. It is clear that effort has been put into the video, as it vaguely does look like a real trailer, although you can tell they were on a budget of about £1,000. The fake movie trailer has been floating around for a little over a week and has gathered nearly 3.7 million views.

The trailer was created by Rooster Teeth and was apparently directed by Michael Bay; maybe he took a few hours off work from Transformers 3 which is out this Summer. Either way we have seen a clever little clip which I am sure will make most Angry Birds fans chuckle. Leave us your thoughts on the fake movie trailer and if you would like to see a real Angry Birds movie!

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