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Samsung Series 9 or Macbook Air 13″: Points Battle Sees Air Win

April 3, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve written many times about the Samsung Series 9 and the MacBook Air and these are both impressive notebooks with a lot going for them. Earlier in the year we did a preliminary comparison between the two but we thought it was time to take a more comprehensive look at the Samsung Series 9 vs. MacBook Air 13-inch and in a points battle is was the Air that took the win.

The MacBook Air using Mac OS X has a great reputation and as well as high specs is a sleek and elegant device, but that can also be said now for the Samsung Series 9 which runs on Windows. Over on Laptop, K.T. Bradford has done a great job of comparing the two devices on a points basis, looking at various factors, awarding points over 13 rounds and coming up with an ultimate verdict. Hopefully if you’re undecided this could help you make up your mind.

For the design it’s the Samsung Series 9 that takes the point. Although the Air has a sleek appeal, aesthetically the Samsung Series 9 just wins for flair. Looking at ports sees a draw as both have positives and also compromises. Moving on to the keyboard the matte keys of the Series 9 are said to give a slightly better typing experience although both keyboards were said to give a good response. The backlight on the Series 9 also gets a thumbs up and this is something the Air lacks and the Series 9 marginally gets the point. The Touchpad is another feature observed and it’s the Air that takes it here although again it’s a close-run thing.

The display is looked at next and it’s a draw for the Series 9 and the Air, with the Series 9 display said to be brighter but the Air’s display having a higher resolution. Speakers comes next and this was one of the only areas where there was a big difference, with the Air said to have better audio quality and the Series 9 sounding “tinny and flat.” Next up was a look at performance and several tests took place, which saw the Series 9 come out ahead. However both were said to perform well and in a Transfer Test, the SSD on the Air out-performed the Series 9. The Series 9 took the point here due to its core i5 processor.

On boot and wake time the Air won with a quicker instant-on and then it was time to look at graphics and video and this was one more area where there was a big difference with the Air blowing the Series 9 away in benchmark tests and this aspect was said to be a “no contest.” Next was battery life and again the Air took the point with the Series 9 giving around an hour’s less use. Taking a look at the bundled software, also sees the Air grab another point with a comprehensive range of software. Moving on to the warranty and support the Air has a 1-year limited warranty along with 90 days of free AppleCare phone support as opposed to the Series 9’s 3-year international warranty with 24/7 phone support. This means that although the MacBook Air support is more-easily accessible and Apple care is better, the Series 9 takes the point for that 3-year warranty.

The final point to be earned was from pricing and configuration options. Base price for the Air is $1,299 with 2 configurations and upgrades available while the Series 9 comes in more expensive with one configuration at a price of $1,649 with an enterprise version at $1,699. The article on Laptop points out that to give the Air roughly the same high specs as the Series 9 would mean the prices came out virtually equal, but the configurations available just give this section to the MacBook Air, along with the cheaper starting price.

So, after a tough 13-rounds it was the Apple MacBook Air that came out on top with 9 points against the Samsung Series 9’s 6 points. In the case of draws, both devices were given a point. It seems that both of these devices have a lot to offer. For a Windows notebook you won’t go far wrong with the Series 9 but the Air just pips it, although of course what decides your choice will depend very much on personal taste and what you use your notebook for. For much more information on each aspect looked at in this battle head to the full Laptop article at the Laptop link earlier. If you want to find out more about the Samsung Series 9 head to the product page here, or for the MacBook Air, the product page here.

Are you thinking of buying either of these two laptops, and if so which one and why? What factors helped you to make up your mind? Let us know with your comments please.

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  • big cheese

    will buy macbook air (even though it has a problem of not having antiglare display)

    never ever will i buy a computer running windows