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iPad 2 Stock Shortages: Solved by Additional Parts Supplier?

April 1, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Since the Apple iPad 2 was launched last month we have told of the high demand which has led to long shipping times, stores sold out and stock shortages which have necessitated an iPad 2 tracker so that people could try to track one down. Now we’ve heard that Apple has plans to solve the iPad 2 stock shortages by using an additional parts supplier.

We all knew the iPad 2 would be a big success but we’re not sure that anybody could have predicted just how big a hit it would be. Analysts have changed their sales forecasts in the last few days, with one predicting sales of 30 million units in 2011. However none of this will be fulfilled if Apple cannot step up production and so a new display supplier has been sought.

Over on GigaOm, Darrell Etherington writes about a report in the Taiwan Economic news and it seems that a company called AU Optronic Corps is the extra supplier for iPad 2 flat panel screens that Apple has chosen. Today a glance at the Apple Store still shows online shipping times of 3 to 4 weeks and Apple really needs to move fast to capitalize on sales while the iPad 2 is hot. When the overseas release took place last week, very limited supplies were available and there are still dire stock shortages.

AUO is one of the largest LCD producers in the world and evidently Apple will have to pay three to four times over-the-odds for supplies. DigiTimes reports that Apple has agreed to absorb the extra costs involved in order to guarantee smooth supplies. Chris Davies over on Slash Gear tells us that AUO has committed half of its production plant in Taichung for the Apple contract and to meet Apple’s strict specifications, has licensed IPS technology from Hitachi.

Are you impressed by Apple’s move to solve supply shortages of the iPad 2 and do you think its ability to absorb the extra costs involved will affect other companies unable to do the same thing? Let us know your thoughts with your comments.

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  • Steve Arn

    They’re popping up more and more often on - I think some of the demand is finally starting to wane. It’s already easy to find Verizon iPad2s.