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Gmail Motion Google April Fool’s 2011: Fiendishly Clever Prank

April 1, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Every year we wait to see what Google will come up with as an April Fool’s Day joke and this year is no exception. After being initially disappointed to find no special Google Doodle (yet), we finally tracked down the Google April Fools for 2011, Gmail Motion.

This is another fiendishly clever spoof by Google who have played some outstanding April Fool’s Day pranks over the years, and later today we’ll be giving you a recap of some of those so please check back with us. We wonder how many people have been fooled by the Gmail Motion prank already today! It’s all about being able to control your Gmail functions with body movements and we heard about it from Richard James over on Metro.

A post appeared on Google’s blog, which detailed the astounding new development, based on Microsoft’s Kinect system. The post includes how it works, a printable guide of body gestures and even safety precautions and looks so official we can almost imagine why people were fooled. Almost! Surely once people get to the ‘Common Phrases’ section on the printable guide they must have realized that this was all a major gag. For example a silhouette showing someone squatting with their arms outstretched signifies, “If you’re leaving for Buenos Aires next week….”

You can see a video below this story, which introduced Gmail Motion and hit the Google blog link here to look at the full Gmail Motion instructions. We particularly love the ‘experts’ who appear on the video, managing to sound truly impressed. Before people started to catch on that this was indeed an April Fool’s prank people were taking to Twitter in droves to extol this wonderful development in technology. Now they must be feeling pretty foolish. You may also be interested today in our iPad 2 X-Ray photos story here. What do you think of the Google April Fool’s Day 2011 Gmail Motion joke? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Sharon Cutworth

    This isn't the only Google April Fool this year - check the jobs section.

  • Google_Fan

    Clever Google!!! :P

  • Shawna

    Totally LOVE Google's April Fool's Pranks - Go Google!!

  • Charleston

    Its a Google Prank on April Fools day, Gmail Motion does not exist try it and itll give you error.:) it almost got me too

  • Anonymous

    what is the job listing?