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Three UK: HSPA+ USB Modem - Much Faster Speeds

March 31, 2022 | Tim Ollason

For all of you in the UK who are using the USB dongles we have some exciting news for you, we at OSM understand the desire to have decent speeds when you are on the move especially if you do a lot of travelling or use a dongle for work.

The network Three UK now has an HSPA+ USB Model that offers much faster speeds than their predecessors as informed by Slashgear’s Chris Davies. He informs us that Three UK claim the new modem is up to 40 percent faster than their existing HSDPA devices and it also has a slightly different design.

The new dongles will be hitting the network on April 7th; the slight change in design is around how the device plugs into your laptop. Instead of having a cap that you can just pull off and then plug it in, it has a rotating USB connection meaning that there’s no chance of you losing the protective cap (I lost mine twice!).

On the Three UK blog they explain the pricing and explain that not only will it make your browsing experience 40% faster and that it will only get faster as the networks improve throughout this year. They also explain the pricing around the latest device, they say that you can either get the premium dongle on a PAYG 1GB Read To Go deal for £69.99 or alternatively on a monthly rolling contract. On the contract you have to stump up £49.99 for the device and further charges of £15.99 per month with up to 5GB of usage. There’s one other deal and that is a 24 month contract with no up-front charge for £18.03 per month. Existing customers can also upgrade for a one off charge of £59.99. Check out the video at the bottom of the article for further information about it.

What do you think of network Three UK’s new dongle? Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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