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Google Plus One Vs. Facebook Like - Which Is Better?

March 31, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Google Plus One Vs. Facebook Like – Which Is Better?

We are starting to see Google taking small steps in gaining a more social networking style, the latest is their new Plus 1 service that looks to be rolling out in the not too distant future. This is yet another case of the world’s largest search engine trying to compete with the world’s largest social network.

This brings us to ask you a question, Google Plus One (+1) Vs. Facebook Like, which do you think is better? Facebook’s Like button is extremely popular and doesn’t look to be slowing down; we already gave you some advice on how to make your Facebook page take off, why consumers have Facebook fan pages and also the importance of having that Like button on your website.

Over at, their author Nick O’Neill has added an article that talks about some of the reasons why Google’s new system will be good. One of them and perhaps the most significant of all is that other sites rely on Google for traffic, Google actually accounts for more than 50% of incoming traffic on the majority of websites.

This isn’t yet available to be added to your website but it’s pretty clear that Google fully intend to make it available if the initial experimental stage is a success. Will Google ever get it right on the social scene?

What do you think of the way that Google are trying to become more ‘Social’? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Seth Moon

    That's going to be a b*tch to secure. If Google messes it up upon release (exploitable) then they just lost the game, forever. Or at least a long time. Hell would rain down on Google if +1 is not 110% secure.

    This isn't a company whose soul is Social (Facebook), just a company trying to enhance search results, they need it to be done right. A lot of variables are going to be going into each like (location, time, etc) and it is crucial Google has room for expansion (5 top rated chefs +1'd this would be cool) and perhaps an API.

  • ullise

    I hope the human race will survive :)