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WWDC Vs E3 2011: Date Conflict - Expectations Compared

March 30, 2022 | Tim Ollason

So far we have compiled various reports about WWDC 2011 including reasons as to why we will more than likely not see the Apple iPhone 5. We are already aware that the tickets for WWDC have sold out and also that there’s another event at that time of year.

That’s right, this year it will be WWDC Vs E3 and for 2011 there’s a date conflict, we wanted to bring you an expectation comparison so you know which one to keep an eye on for the best announcements. As we already know, WWDC is expected to be a software only event as they said on their developer’s page and we have no reason to think otherwise. The event kicks off on June 6th through to June 10th.

As for E3, being a conference for gaming we turned to our friend Alan Ng over at PRNews for the information. Ng is one of the gaming specialists that regularly reports on different events in the gaming world. In his report he mentions that E3 kicks off on June 7th and runs through until the 9th, he also mentions that nothing has been officially announced for it yet but it seems there are hopes for a new console from Microsoft (Xbox 720). Another device that’s expected to be present is the new handheld from Sony the NGP.

We are wondering which of the two events will be the best to watch, either the event of mystery in E3 or the WWDC event in the hope that Steve Jobs walks out with an iPhone 5. Tough call wouldn’t you say? Tell us in the comments section below which you will be watching.

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