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Women on Facebook: True Feelings About ‘Friends’

March 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Women on Facebook: True Feelings About ‘Friends’

Many of us these days use social networking sites and of course Facebook is the most popular of all with 300 million daily visitors. We have now heard about a recent survey about women on Facebook that showed some surprising results about women’s true feelings towards their Facebook ‘friends.’

The survey was conducted by the daily deals site Eversave and asked 400 women about their relationships on Facebook and we heard about it from Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable. The article also includes a couple of neat infographics displaying some of the information. Although the survey was conducted to find out Facebook’s influence on daily deals it was women’s relationships with their friends that came to the fore and some of the information found out may surprise you.

A large amount of women respondents, 83%, said they were sometimes annoyed by other ‘friend’s’ comments on Facebook. The biggest bugbear was about people moaning or complaining with 63% saying that was annoying. Quite a long way behind that as the second-placed annoyance was political talk on 41%, while third was those bragging about their perfect lives with 32%.

When it comes to ‘friends’ tendencies, 65% said that some posted mundane updates too often while 40% accused their contacts of posting false information which made it look as though they were living perfect lives. 40% said that some contacts promoted causes inappropriately or too often and 46% said that some “liked” too often. Women were also asked about Facebook ‘personalities’ and 61% said they had contacts who were ‘drama queens’ while 57% said they knew a ‘proud mama.’

You can see more details of the survey at the Mashable link above. It’s fascinating stuff and who knew that so many women were so annoyed by their ‘friends’ posts on Facebook. Saying that I know at least 2 drama queens, 1 proud mama and a one-upper! Are you a woman who uses Facebook and does any of this resemble your own thoughts on your Facebook ‘friends?’ Let us know with your comments.

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