Nintendo 3DS: Update On Sales - Day 1 Expectations Surpassed

The new handheld console from Nintendo has had plenty of build up prior to its release and now that it’s out and about we have heard all sorts about it. One of the reports we brought you previously was about the crashing issues that are circulating.

Today though we wanted to report to you an update on the sales for the Nintendo 3DS, on Day 1 they have surpassed the expectations and managed to outsell all of their previous handheld units when you compare the day one sales.

Slashgear’s Samia Perkins says that the Nintendo stated that the sales were “the highest of any Nintendo handheld system in our history.” That being said the device seems to be readily available from a number of retailers so the stock issues that were seen with the Wii are nonexistent with the 3DS.

The first of its kind glasses free 3D console gives constant warnings for gamers advising that they do take a 10 minute break following 30 minutes of play. Another concern has been highlighted by Alan Ng over at PRNews and not to forget the advisories being given for children.

Are you impressed that it has outsold its predecessors? What do you think of all the warnings for the device? Let us know in the comments section below.