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FarmVille English Countryside: Storm of Protest - Your Thoughts?

March 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner

One of the most popular Facebook games ever is FarmVille, developed by social network gaming experts Zynga. We’ve brought you news about FarmVille on many occasions and it’s successor CityVille. However today we have heard about an extension to the game, FarmVille English Countryside, which seems to have sparked a storm of protest and we’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

The addition to the game began rolling out last week and according to Christina Warren over on Mashable, gives added features such as faster mastery times, sheep breeding and also new crops. However there were also changes made to the terms and policies of the game, which have seen players up in arms, upset about the changes to their favorite game. Facebook and the Zynga Forums are being inundated by angry players because users cannot maintain both farms simultaneously.

If you’re playing on one farm the other suffers as it’s put into dormant mode, meaning crops stop growing and animals don’t flourish. It does seem a shame that choosing to use the English Countryside farm means the other farm that you’ve worked so hard on is much more difficult to maintain. Feedback to a post about this ‘pause’ problem on the FarmVille forums has now had over 8,300 comments across 830 pages. Now that shows the extent of the displeasure that many people feel. A Causes petition on Facebook has also seen 12,000 people enlist.

Since CityVille has become the most popular Zynga game, FarmVille has lost 15 million players. Now many angry players may stop purchasing Farm Cash and another separate issue that is receiving complaints is the increased price of some items and the fact you cannot then use those items on both farms. It will be interesting to see if the amount of anger at the situation changes anything, or whether FarmVille will continue to lose players because of it.

Are you a regular FarmVille player and what do you think about the new English Countryside extension? Are you as incensed as many others about the ‘pause’ issue? We’re really interested to hear your thoughts on this so please send in your comments.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Donna says:

    There are a number of issues with this pause feature… First and foremost is that it exists… Zynga touted the English Countryside as a 2nd farm, well it is not, it is an alternate farm a second farm would run concurrently with your original farm, this does not. Secondly and almost getting to be as irritating is that Zynga, in its own forum asked for player feedback, now 8700 posts have been submitted and not a peep out of Zynga, this is not only poor customer relations but rude and extremely unprofessional and lastly you mention 12,000 members of a cause to eliminate the pause, well yesterday there was another pause with over 120,000 members, that mysteriously disappeared…. what does that say to you about the power Zynga has???? This once oh so happy farmer is done with FarmVille! Zynga can disrespect someone else…

  2. Michele says:

    I LOVE farmville - I play for hours daily and spend quite a bit of money in farmcash, but Zynga's blatant disrespect for it's customers is becoming such an issue that I may have to move on. The pause is the latest in a string of ways Zynga is treating their customers like dirt. Back in January they began limiting how many things we can grab off the feed, and throttling us if we click on things too fast. And that has just been this year - and it's only March. But with the pause, an overwhelming amount of customers are voicing their opposition to it and Zynga isn't listening. They are pushing paying customers away and don't seem to care. I guess now that they have made their money, they don't feel they need to anymore.

  3. Diana says:

    Even if their excuse for the pause is legitimate, there is absolutely NO excuse for Zynga to post a feedback thread on their forum regarding the pause functionality, receive (as of this writing) more than 9000 complaints on the forum about it and not respond to a SINGLE one or even offer it's loyal user base a modicum of an explanation.

    There are a ton of people who have given them cold hard cash. To treat their customers this way is unconscionable. Without those who gave them real money, they wouldn't be where they are.

    I will neither return to the English Countryside nor give them another dime until they explain themselves to the users. It's not complicated.

    • Debbie says:

      This is one of the most articulate complaints I've read about this issue. I have had precisely the same thought - they've asked our opinion, we gave it in staggering and likely unprecedented numbers. The consensus is clearly negative for the pause issue and they have not had the decency to respond. This is no way to treat loyal players and customers. It's like saying here's a shiny new toy, but you can't play with it, just look at it.

  4. m00dyjudy says:

    I hate the pause!! It makes farmville BORING!!

  5. Debbie says:

    Zynga is disrespecting their customers in a disgraceful way. They asked for feedback to the recent pause "feature" and now that they have it, they simply ignore it. A lot of people pay real money to be beta testers for Zynga and the response they have to any and all feed back from them is to either ignore it or cover it up by deleting or banning it. They have even gone to the trouble of having a facebook page with more than 120, 000 people closed down. This "feature" is making the game unplayable for a large number of people and should be rethought.

  6. Denise Lemon says:

    Thank you for playing Zynga games. A representative will be with you shortly.
    All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 8 minutes. Thanks for your patience.
    You are now chatting with 'Adrian A.'
    Adrian A.: Hello XXXX! I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative. How can I help you today?
    XXXX: hi ok 1st i am about to leave the game due the pause
    Adrian A.: The Pause?
    XXXX: and twice yesterday i was told the option to pause or not to pause was being rolled out .. then when i asked why didnt i get it the option durning roll out i was told that the 2 agent had lied to me ..
    XXXX: so whats the real deal is my ec barns and stables still suposed to grow while i am om home farm
    XXXX: yes the pause omg u know when you visit on farm the other goes into ''pause''
    Adrian A.: Ok, allow me one minute for me to look into your account.
    Adrian A.: So, you say you still have not received the option to have both of your Farms active?
    XXXX: no i havnt!!
    XXXX: from yesterdays chat with alain a- Alain A.: Hello xxxx! I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative. How can I help you today? xxxx: is this true - We are already seeing some players are given the option to have BOTH Farms ‘Active’ when going back to their ‘Home Farm’! We are so proud that Farmers of the game are so dedicated to get what they want. It is on slow release meaning we will need to wait a little bit longer before this feature will appear to all Farmers. – Happy Farming! Alain A.: Yes. this is true.
    Adrian A.: Ok, just as you were told yesterday xxxx, this a a new feature that is Slowly being rolled out to all of the Users.
    xxxx: ya but then lastnight when i asked about i was told by CS agent it was a lie
    xxxx: so whats the truth ?
    Adrian A.: Who told you that it was a lie?
    Adrian A.: You mean that someone told you that Pause mode is not going to stop?
    xxxx: axel v. and her supervisor jaimie c
    xxxx: know the told me that the alain a had lied to me about th option to ''play both farms at same time'' roll out was a lie
    Adrian A.: I can tell you and confirm you that this is true and there are users already enjoying it and it will get to everyone soon.
    xxxx: then why didnt jaimie c know about it ?
    xxxx: XXXX: if they were joking at me ..i will be very upset .. Jaime C.: xxxx, at the moment this is something that's being considered to be done
    Adrian A.: And he told you this when?
    Adrian A.: yesterday night?
    xxxx: i was told 24 hours ago by alain a and roberto that it would roll at 9pm then at 1130pm i was told i was lied to
    Adrian A.: Ok, let me see when we were notified about this.
    Adrian A.: Please hold.
    xxxx: ok
    Adrian A.: At least in my case I was notified with you in this chat
    xxxx: lol who notified you ?
    Adrian A.: Because I came 1 hr ago and I had to ask my supervisor.
    Adrian A.: Bust just give me one moment.
    xxxx: ok thank you
    xxxx: i have whole chat session saved from lastnight which includes to 2 previous chat session with alain and roberto would like read it
    Adrian A.: Ok, we received an email yesterday about this.
    Adrian A.: But in the evening that is why I didnt know yet because I work until 2pm and just came now.
    xxxx: and it is true will the pause effect be removed soon
    Adrian A.: It will
    Adrian A.: I can give you my word on it.
    xxxx: i hear from other playing EC that the only thing on pause should be the crops ..barns and stables are not paused
    xxxx: well when i leave one farm everting on the farm i left is paused not just the crops
    Adrian A.: Now both Farms will be working at the same time, they will both have the same progress
    xxxx: geez jaiame c had me in tears last night when she told me it wasnt happening at all that the pause was staying for now .. i mean really its almost sucked all the fun out of the game for me
    xxxx: wish i could see the email you got about it

  7. Denise Lemon says:

    Adrian A.: Let me see if I can get it from my Supervisor
    Adrian A.: Just a moment.
    xxxx: can your supervisor make a statement in the forum thread about the pause feedback you know now that thread is almost 10000 post long and still no word from mr.zynga
    xxxx: ok
    Adrian A.: I am really sorry xxxx, I was not authorised to send you the email because it is an internal mail but you can take my word.
    Adrian A.: Trust me that this will be taken away.
    xxxx: ok but wheeeennnnn ?
    Adrian A.: Well since it already started to get rolled out maybe you get this today or maybe tomorrow.
    xxxx: but you know would make it all better -make the insta-grow potion an item on the gifts page
    Adrian A.: I could put that in a suggestion.
    xxxx: i hope it soon .. i am not harvesting or planting on farms in protest i have 80+orchards that need to be harvested my nieghbors are leaving the game by the 'truck load'' due the ''pause effect''
    Adrian A.: It will be soon dont worry.
    xxxx: you know its been really emotional being told its true then being told its not then being told again it is ..can you trade the 5 free flights i have in my giftbox for 10 insta-grow potions ?
    xxxx: bu i am worried i live in isolated mountain community my farm is my best bubby as sad as that sounds .. but this pause things is killing FV game ! and cant do thing to save it
    Adrian A.: You mean the Mega grow?
    xxxx: its like whatching your someone kick your dog and u cant do a thing to help
    xxxx: now its insta - grow potion its icon looks almost same as love potion -one insta-grow potion was given to players when we 1st entered the EC
    Adrian A.: One sec please.
    Adrian A.: Why do you wish to trade them? they do the same.

  8. Denise Lemon says:

    xxxxxx: yes i want to trade the 5 fights for 10 insta grows ok so is there anything i can do on my end to get the pause removed sooner .. how will i know when it happens .i keep going back and forth from farm to farm to check crop growth ..
    xxxx: wow 4days later and my ec stables still at 32%
    Adrian A.: I will give you the other 5 Instant Grows
    xxxx: ok but how will when the pause is gone
    Adrian A.: And no unfortunately you have to wait for the feature to get to you.
    Adrian A.: Sorry?
    Adrian A.: How will you know?
    xxxx: please forgive my lack of trust right now but after yesterdays and lasts chats its hard to believe anything now ..
    xxxx: yes how will i know when the pause is removed ? will i get that pop up we all see going around the fan sites for the past 3days
    Adrian A.: Yes, I do understand dont worry but when the feature gets to you, you will get a pop up asking if you want to change to non pause Farming.
    xxxx: or will it just happen it going to be a options pop up or whats the deal hows it going happen
    Adrian A.: It will give you the option of how you want it.
    xxxx: pray fv gods that it happens soon my nieghbors need me to play they depend on my water cans for 80+ orchards that i harvest ..
    Adrian A.: I know it will be soon.
    xxxx: i breed LE trees as well i am a skilled player
    Adrian A.: Oh, can you please give me your User id.
    xxxx: from facebook why ?
    Adrian A.: I need it to open your account and add the extra 5 Instant grows.
    xxxx: oh ok
    Adrian A.: Ok
    xxxx: its xxxxx but i cant find the number ?? dont i just wave the mouse of my pic?
    Adrian A.: Just copy the full link address on the top of your Facebook profile to me plz.
    xxxxx: lol found it its ########
    Adrian A.: Thanks =)
    Adrian A.: Ok, thanks.
    Adrian A.: Ok all set, I have added them now.
    xxxxx: omg i cant wait to end my no farming protest
    Adrian A.: I will try to see if I can get the feature get to you a little quicker but I cant promise anything ok?
    xxxx: is there a time when all players should have the options to ''pause or not to pause '' ?
    xxxx: yippee your the best for for trying to get it to me faster
    Adrian A.: No, it is just constantly being sent to different users.
    xxxx: and i am always last in line ..
    Adrian A.: It is just taken random
    Adrian A.: But I will do my best to get it for you.
    xxxx: all i got in lastnight update was an EC wishing well ..huge disoppointment when i thought it would ''pause options'' in my update
    Adrian A.: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
    xxxx: no waiting to see if you can get to me faster
    xxxx: or if you cant what times of day can i expect the rool out is it noon, 3pm,9pm and midnight ?
    Adrian A.: I will send an email to our Developers and put a special request.
    xxxx: if i know what time to check i can just come back at those times
    Adrian A.: No xxxxx, I am really sorry I cant give you a time on it, they have to receive my email and prosses my request.
    Adrian A.: But it should be today.
    xxxx: ok how do you think ?if they answer you
    Adrian A.: Yes, they would reply to me
    xxxx: ment how long do you think for them to answer you ?
    Adrian A.: Well xxxxx, They get hundreds of emails so mayme 2 or 3hrs
    xxxx: ok i will check back then
    Adrian A.: Would you like to help me by filling out a short question survey about your experience chatting with me?
    xxxx: i would love to ..i know click the close button for it appear
    Adrian A.: I would really appreciate it. The survey will appear after you disconnect by clicking the Close button in the chat window.
    Adrian A.: Oh ok
    Adrian A.: lol
    Adrian A.: Thanks, have a wonderful day xxxxx.
    xxxx: lol ok thank you for what i hope is the truth and your hard work

  9. Denise Lemon says:

    this is what they are telling people omg!!

  10. Denise Lemon says:

    xxxxxx: yes i want to trade the 5 fights for 10 insta grows ok so is there anything i can do on my end to get the pause removed sooner .. how will i know when it happens .i keep going back and forth from farm to farm to check crop growth ..

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