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WWDC 2011 iPhone 5: Astonished Again

March 29, 2022 | Tim Ollason

With competition heating up in the mobile world, it looks like Apple want to astonish everyone in 2011. First they did it with the Verizon iPhone 4, and now it looks like they want to surprise again at WWDC 2011. Apple iPhone 5 might not show up especially when you consider the image Apple uploaded onto their developers page that seems to be more of a focus on the iOS and Mac OS X.

When you think about it, Apple will have to come up with something big, something huge to dislodge the interest shown in other handsets and accomplish more in terms of hardware than their rivals. If you take a look at the HTC Thunderbolt which has 4G capabilities, there are some reasons as to why it will not be as successful as an Apple handset. The main one perhaps being the battery life where people are buying an extra battery, who wants to carry that around with them?

As we have already seen, Apple seem to be breaking their usual annual trends as they released a new handset purely for Verizon in the CDMA iPhone 4 but they didn’t sort out the previous issues of the antenna. Apple will want to stay ahead of the competition so they will want to include features such as NFC, 4G and they will need to have great battery life for the device to succeed.

We are thinking that the device more than likely won’t appear at WWDC 2011 as are many sources such as AppleInsider’s Katie Marsal are reporting that the iPhone 5 part suppliers are late in shipping them. This could be down to the tragedies that we have seen in Japan in recent times, remember it’s not too late to donate and you can find plenty of places using this link.

When you take these reasons into account, parts not shipping, wanting to make a better handset than the competition and not wanting to replicate the same mistakes they had with the iPhone 4. But remember, this is Apple moving away from the norm, what does this mean for their future marketing plans?

We are also expecting to see some major changes in Apple and the way it’s run not only because they are moving forward but also because of Steve Jobs moving further away from the company. Of course we could be entirely incorrect and Steve Jobs could waltz out onto the stage with the iPhone 5 in his hands, we just feel it’s pretty unlikely. If anything then we might see the mythical white iPhone 4.

What do you think will happen? Do you think we will see the iPhone 5 making an appearance at WWDC 2011? Tell us your thoughts on why it might and also why it might not in the comments section below.

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