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Social Network Traffic: Sites With Over 1 Million Visitors Daily

March 29, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Social Network Traffic: Sites With Over 1 Million Visitors Daily

Obviously with OSM being a social media and tech site, we bring you a lot of articles about social networking, and only earlier today talked about Twitter as a social network. Social networking is hugely popular and still growing and we now have details of an infographic showing 29 social network sites that receive over a million visitors daily.

Most people might be hard-pressed to name a handful of social networking sites but there are many more sites out there that are more successful than you might imagine. The infographic was brought to our attention by Polly Becker over on The Wall and is from Google for February 2011.

It won’t surprise any of you to hear that Facebook is at the top of the list, way and above all the other social networking sites, with 310 million daily unique visitors but what might astonish you is that the other social network that everybody can name, Twitter, didn’t make it to the second spot. Instead that spot sees Orkut with 51 million daily visitors and third comes Qzone, China’s biggest social network site, with 37 million. Twitter only makes it to fourth position on the list with 22 million visitors daily.

Fifth comes Russian site Odnoklassniki with 9.3 million visitors and sixth is the popular social network for professionals, LinkedIn with 8 million visitors per day. There are 29 social networks in total that receive more than one million visits a day so head to the full infographic at the The Wall link above to see more. What are your thoughts on these statistics? Are you amazed by just how far in front Facebook is? Let us know with your comments.

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