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iPhone 5 Sales Forecasts of 1 Million: Realistic Goal for Apple?

March 29, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been posting articles about the next-generation Apple iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5 for some time now, almost since the release of the iPhone 4 it seems. We now have news of reports saying that when we see the release of the iPhone 5 it could well reach sales of one million and we wonder if that’s a realistic goal.

For a long while most tech sites have been expecting the release of the iPhone 5 in June at WWDC 2011, but over recent days there has been speculation that it could well be delayed until later in the year. Recently we told how a white iPhone was on its way for spring but that we didn’t know if this would be a late iPhone 4, or a white iPhone 5. Today we wondered if it will indeed be a white iPhone 4 to fill in the gap until an iPhone 5 release later.

Regardless of when we finally see the iPhone 5 though, it seems that if we look at historic data a pattern emerges that suggests the next iPhone could sell one million units, according to Christian Zibreg over on 9to5Mac. Zibreg looked at information supplied in chart form by Asymco that looked at all of the iPhone releases so far and if previous sales patterns are repeated, the iPhone 5 would sell more than all of the earlier iPhone’s combined. This is based on the staggering statistic that each new iPhone has sold double the amounts of the previous one.

This seems feasible considering the historic data but Into Mobile queries whether it is actually practical considering the fact that this would mean Apple would have to increase production to a staggering 25 million units per quarter. Also the increasing competition from other Android smartphones and others such as Windows Phone 7 handsets means that the demand curve may not continue to grow at the same rate.

All the same it’s an interesting forecast but we can only wait and see. What are your thoughts on this prediction and do you think it’s a realistic goal for Apple to achieve? Let us know with your comments.

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