Foursquare Check In Will Feed Your Dog: Really - With Video!

Here at OSM we seem to have published a few stories lately about social networking and dogs. In case you think you’ve misread that, you haven’t. Now we have heard of yet another connection between dogs and social networking and this time, believe it or not, it’s about how a Foursquare check in can feed your dog.

We had previously reported on an infographic that depicted social networking and man’s best friend and then we told how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had got a new puppy and set it up with its own Facebook profile. Yesterday the trend continued as we told about a social network for pets and its owners called Petbam. Today’s Foursquare and dog-related news comes to us from an article over on Mashable by Todd Wasserman, sourced from Creativity-Online, and there’s a video of this doggy treat in action that you can view below.

An initiative taking place in Germany for a brand of dog food called GranataPet actually supplies some dog food for your pooch if you check in on Foursquare from one of its billboard dispensers. A server connected to a black box in the billboard sends a signal to the food dispenser when a check in is received. The food is then dispensed at a handy floor level dog-friendly height.

Just as we think we’ve heard it all! We never cease to be amazed at what social media comes up with next and new methods of marketing. What other uses of Foursquare check ins can you imagine? Maybe outside a nightclub you could check in for a pair of comfy slippers for your way home. Let us know your ideas.