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MySpace “Snoop Dogg’s” New 21 Track Album Hits Site Before Release

March 28, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Social networking site MySpace initially founded back in 2003, and is still proving popular to some, with the latest count of users up to 34 million. Ok, so its not Facebook or Twitter, but the site still provides users with the opportunity to update their status, message, comment about an item of discussion, use their profile page to talk about themselves including their hobbies or even post who they would like to meet.

One such fan of MySpace and we are not just talking about the everyday Joe Blogs, is that of American rapper, actor and record producer Snoop Dogg. For those of you who may not be aware, the celebrity has posted his entire new album “Doggumentary” due for release tomorrow 29th March, onto the networking site. With some 21 tracks to sift through, we have to point out that although some of them have been accessible up until now, there are also some brand new ones to listen to.

As well as getting the benefits of Snoop, as Mashable stated, you will also be able to listen some other artists who have collaborated with him, stars such as John Legend, Gorillaz, R.Kelly and so on.

With the official album launch just hours away, it still begs the question of why Snoop decided to use MySpace and not Facebook or Twitter? Who knows, but chances are, the social networking site will now possibly receive a little more attention that it deserves?

Tell us are you a Snoop Dogg fan, what’s your favorite track from the new album? Would you have used MySpace or another site?

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