Motorola Atrix 4G: New Update 4.1.57 Download Available

The Motorola Atrix 4G new update 4.1.57 is now available, it will be fixing a few different things but unfortunately leaves out a few that you are all expecting. Untouched remains the HSUPA and a fix for the voice quality, instead there are six listed changes.

We learned through Engadget’s Vlad Savov that included in the patch is improved fingerprint reader performance, the screen will now turn off when the device is charging and there will be improved battery life for AT&T’s current best phone.

Not only that but there will be an improvement to usage within the car dock, there are improvements to the Bluetooth side of things and a few bugs killed in terms of phone stability. For a successful installation you firstly need to ensure that your device has more than 50% of charge available and also that you have an active SIM card present inside, now you’re all set.

There are some instructions to ensure you have the latest software installed on your device that we will run through with you courtesy of Motorola. Firstly if you have received the notification message for the update select download. Once you have completed the download then you need to select ‘Install Now’, upon completion your phone will automatically restart and you have the update.

If however you haven’t received any form of notification head to your settings icon from your main menu and then select about phone, system updates and then select download. Once you have the software downloaded select Install and when it’s done your device will restart itself to complete the update. If you have any problems with applying this update then use this link.

Something that’s worth noting with this update, if you have rooted your Atrix 4G then the update will block the additional abilities that you currently have. If you want to keep them, then don’t go through with the update.

Were you hoping for the HSUPA update or perhaps Android 2.3 Gingerbread to come through? Have you updated it already, what differences have you noticed so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • guest

    I have not received a update notification message and am unable to update manually, how do I go about updating?

  • ryan

    Just updated and it did "unroot" the phone:

    Notice the fingerprint reader improvement but when i charge the phone it does NOT turn the display off!

  • @guest


  • Randy

    Mine is updated as well, but the screen does not turn off when charging either. Battery life is just as bad as before and when on speaker its barely recognizable to the other party on the other end.

  • Guest

    Screen does turn off, time depends on your display settings for screen timeout. Haven't noticed any other changes yet.

  • adam

    on with bell in canada, and ive had my 2 atrix's for almost a month now, its april 14th and it keeps saying im up to date…wheres my update? my battery life fuckin sucks i wanna see some improvment!!