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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220 / E420 Notebooks: Specs, Prices & Release

March 28, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which has now been and gone, saw many up and coming innovations including smartphones, tablets, TV’s, Blu-Ray players and of course laptops. Lenovo at the time showcased their new “Edge” range of notebooks and today as well as giving you a refresh of specifications, we can also report on the prices and release date.

The pair will come as a 12.5-inch and a slightly bigger 14-inch. If we start off with the smaller of the two the E220, this will come with an inclusion of a Core i3-2310 processor at 2.1GHz. As Slashgear reported, it will also have 4GB of RAM and 250GB of internal storage, WiFi, multi recorder optical drive with 48.8Wh battery and so on
(also on the E420). In terms of price, this will start at $699 with an arrival date of 8th April for both notebooks.

The bigger of the two, the E420 comes with a Core i5-2410M processor, you will get the choice of either the notebook as it is, or the option of integrated 3G and 2GB RAM but prices will differ for both. Also included as Engadget stated, will be an LED backlit display with the new Infinity Glass, fingerprint reader, HD webcam and so on for a price of either $749 as a stand alone price or $799 for the integrated 3G and 2GB of RAM.

As stated, the pair of Lenovo Edge notebooks on release, are said to be shipping within eight business days.

Are you tempted by one of these? To find out more on either head on over to one of the links above.

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