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iPad 2 And Alternatives: 7-Inch Tablets Take Top Spots

March 28, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

While Apple started the tablet frenzy, there has been reports that suggest the iPad‘s 9.7-inch screen is less desirable than its 7-inch counterparts. As Apple have made no plans to reduce the size of their slate, this leaves a fresh playing field for others to dominate.

According to Apple Insider manufacturers of smaller tablets have good feelings about sales of the 7-inchers, and while there are larger 10.1-inch slates in the production and in the pipeline, these are more directed at potential iPad customers.

Other findings from the likes of DigiTimes state, that Samsung and ViewSonic‘s who already have 7-inch and 10.1-inch devices on the market, have found that their more compact slates produce a greater part of their sales market.

It also seems that although purchasers of the large devices can and do use the addition of the extra keyboard support, when it comes to the sales figures the 7-inch version command the attention.

Due to the fact that no-one has the edge in this sector, competition is said to be hotting up. Obviously Samsung released the first of its kind with the Galaxy Tab, but this met with a less than favorable response. Since then more devices, such as the Barnes and Noble Nook Color, have joined it on the shelves and boosted the popularity.

Apple did tease us with the thoughts of a 7-inch baby iPad, but on further investigation Steve Jobs gave the thumbs down, believing that the pint-sized tablets were too small for any decent usage.

Can you see more appeal for the 7-inch tablet or do you prefer something with a bit more presence? Would Apple benefit from introducing a pocket-sized device?

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