Facebook Questions: Good For Brands & Businesses?

We have seen in recent times many ways that social media is being utilized by different brands, companies and businesses such as the way the UFC are going about it. The UFC have been allowing you to watch the undercard of their pay-per-views at the cost of liking their Facebook page but now there’s something new.

We reported recently about the new ‘Questions’ functionality rolling out through Facebook but today we are looking at Facebook’s Questions being good for Brands and Businesses in different ways. When you think about it, there’s a lot of logic for these guys to use the Questions tool and what’s its main selling point? Well it’s direct communication with the consumers so you can adhere to their needs in the best way possible… By asking them!

Facebook are competing on many levels such as the way they are now using deals with check-ins in a similar fashion to Foursquare and Questions in some ways is very comparable to Quora. These questions will undoubtedly go viral and we will start seeing more companies delving into them to get further brand recognition but also so they can find out exactly what you want.

Over at Mashable they have had the opportunity to ask some questions of Ben Grossman who is the communication strategist for marketing a marketing agency called Oxford Communications. Some of the things he talked about with them included how an Ice cream parlor can find out which flavor of the week should be on amongst others. Head over to Mashable’s article by Brian Anthony Hernandez and read through Grossman’s experiences so far with Facebook’s Questions. For page admins who haven’t got the Questions application yet, click here and then you can have it.

Have you had a chance to try out Questions with your audience? How well received was it? Let us know in the comments section below.