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Apple iPhone 5 Deterrent: iPad 2 Problems May Put People Off

March 28, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We know how many people are interested in all the news and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5, thought to be due this summer and have posted many articles on it, and also the iPad 2 since its release. Only earlier today though we reported on another iPad 2 glitch being reported and we’re now wondering if the iPad 2 problems might put people off and act as an iPhone 5 deterrent.

Since the iPad 2 was launched it has been hugely popular and received a lot of praise in reviews and from users. However earlier today we noted that there have been some reports on camera issues and that has not been the only glitch. Previously we also posted reports about other problems such as FaceTime freezing, a wireless issue and also bleeding screen edges.

An article by Gary Johnson over on Product Reviews has now made us think and it seems perfectly possible to us that many people waiting for the iPhone 5 may now be tempted to wait and see if any problems are reported after the release, before they go ahead and purchase one. There’s also a reminder about the iPhone 4 launch last year, which was anything but smooth, due to “antennagate,” which caused signal problems.

The iPad 2 has only been out just over two weeks and more and more reports about glitches are becoming known, so maybe consumers would be wise to hold off purchasing an iPhone 5 straight away in case that product also has problems. If you want to find out more about iPad 2 problems you can also check out an article about this over on The iPad Guide here. What are your thoughts on this dilemma? Are the problems being reported on the iPad 2 enough to make you delay your purchase of an iPhone 5 when it’s released, or will you want the iPhone 5 regardless? We’re really interested to hear what you think about this so please do send in your comments.

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  1. Samm says:

    I’m going to buy an iPhone 5 regardless, though I hope apple have fully tested the iPhone so there are no problems like all the recent apple products

  2. Curt says:

    I will buy one when it comes out and if Apple needs to wait till Fall to release it, I would hope that by then they will have figured out how to have IPhone 5 with 4G at that time. Certainly the earthquake in Japan will have some complications to work out on their timeline. I would rather wait a couple more months for a 5G phone then to have a new 3G in June/July that is already falling behind the curve with the best technology available at the moment.

  3. Curt says:

    I will buy one when it comes out and if Apple needs to wait till Fall to release it thats ok with me as long as the IPhone 5 comes with 4G technolgy. If they wait for 4G till next year they will be behind the curve of all of the other smartnphone devises that will all be rolling out their new 4G versions this year.

  4. Hsmith says:

    This is all techy neurosis AGAIN!!!!
    personally I’m really worried about the iPad 47 and the iPhone 36.
    Will apple have sorted out the glitches with 27G connectivity.
    I recommend that we should start worrying NOW!!!
    I heard a rumour that the ipad3 STILL won’t be able to make a
    double expresso - how pathetic is that!!! HS. UK.

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