14 Simple Social Media Steps for Business: Expose Your Brand

At OSM we often bring you news about infographics as they are a great way of showing information and statistics in an easily-digestible form. Recent examples we’ve given are an iPhone 5 infographic with spec rumors and another about mobile marketing. Today we have news of an infographic that shows 14 simple social media steps for business that will help to expose your brand.

Social media is impacting upon every area of life now and none more so than in business where many companies are now realizing the potential of social media marketing. However for those who want to start using social media for their business it can be a daunting task simply knowing where to begin. The infographic quickstart guide clearly shows in step-by-step moves where to start and how to progress with your social media strategy.

It was brought to our attention by The Next Web and created by Getit Comms, a PR firm, and the first step is establish your goals and get input from stakeholders which then moves on to looking at where your buyers are. The steps progress one-by-one until halfway though we find setting up your metrics and then customizing your channels. After the next steps we conclude with harnessing the power of internal networks and that means you’re ready to go! It really is a great way of clearly describing how you should go about setting up your social media strategy and should make the whole process much easier to understand.

You can see the complete infographic at The Next Web link above so check it out for more. What are your thoughts on setting up a social media plan for business? Have you been daunted in the past by just how much it involves? Let us have your comments about this.