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Apple iPad 2 vs Rivals: Good Reasons Why Many Will Choose iPad

March 27, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you news about the iPad 2 both before and after it’s recent launch and won’t hide the fact that we’re impressed with this tablet device. The tablet market is continuing to expand rapidly though and we wanted to take a look at the iPad 2 vs. rivals and point out some good reasons why many people will choose the Apple iPad.

The iPad 2’s main rivals at present are probably the Motorola Xoom and also the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, although as said there’s a plethora of new tablets out and coming shortly. For a closer comparison you could check out our iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. TouchPad vs. PlayBook article or a comparison with the iPad 2 and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. However there are some more general reasons why Apple’s iPad will continue to draw in the crowds.

The release of the iPad 2 in the U.S. on March 11 and on March 25 in many other countries has seen the tablet sold out with not nearly enough inventory to go round, so what continues to make the iPad so popular? The International Business Times comes up with 5 good reasons for buying the Apple tablet. First off is the competitive pricing. Although Apple used to have a reputation for being at the upper end of pricing the base model of the iPad 2 is only $499. Because Apple managed to make the price so low Samsung was forced to cut the price of its Galaxy Tab 10.1, still to be released.

Next we go on to the design and anybody, whether an Apple fan or not, must surely be impressed by the super-slim and sleek design of the iPad 2 and also how light the device is. The iPad 2 also features the A5 processor for increased performance and we’re also likely to see this processor on the iPhone 5 when released which will certainly please a lot of people. Moving on to apps the vast amount of choice for Apple devices is another reason the iPad 2 will continue to be the choice of many. Dedicated tablet apps now amount to around 65,000 in the App Store.

The last reason and one that’s probably the big selling point for some, is that the iPad 2 is so user-friendly and desirable. Besides having great specs it has an attraction that other tablets just can’t seem to match. Other people have other opinions on why the iPad 2 should be chosen above others and another useful article to look at is over on ITWire by Alex Zaharov-Reutt who lists ’10 more top 10 reasons’ why people should opt for the iPad 2. However in a bid to be fair and impartial we should also point out an article over on TechWatch with ten reasons ‘not to buy the iPad 2,’ which does make some valid points, although we feel that the iPad 2 will continue to rule the roost over the tablet market.

You may also be interested in our previous article about some top apps for the iPad 2. So are you going to opt for the iPad 2? Maybe you already have and you can suggest another reason why people should make it their tablet of choice? Let us know with your comments please.

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  • AppleFUD

    There are many reasons to choose the iPad, or an Android Honeycomb tablet, or an Android "phone os" tablet, or a WebOS tablet, or the playbook . .. .

    Really it comes down to how you are going to use it and what you expect to get out of it. For me Apple's iOS devices, including the iPad 2, just don't cut it. They are just too restricted.
    You aren't allowed to install anything from anywhere outside of iTunes.
    You have to use iTunes.
    You have to set them up with a PC via iTunes-post pc device my butt.
    No file manager in iOS = I can't just copy files over from my computer-have to use iTunes.
    Apple doesn't allow a mouse to be used-what?!?! that'll make them functional?!?!
    Only ONE form factor-much prefer the Asus Eee Pad Transformer as a form factor.
    In general Apple devices just do not play well with other devices from other platforms = you become an island.

    If apple would just learn to play nice with others and give users what they want instead of being the control freaks "do it this way only" company that they are they would do so much better.

  • Thomas

    You said: "Although Apple used to have a reputation for being at the upper end of pricing the base model of the iPad 2 is only $499."

    This isn't true in Switzerland. The equivalent model is CHF549 (including 8% VAT). Take off the VAT and you get CHF510 which converted to dollars is US$554 - a 11% premium.

    In the UK it is almost as bad. £399 less 20% VAT is $334 converted to dollars is $536.

    Apple, in their publicity promised us $499 - they lied to us.

  • Ken Berger

    @AppleFUD Apple may be too restrictive for you, but your list does not include anything that prevents you form doing something with the iPad. The only item you list that is actually about ability is the lack of file manager (though there are many ways to move files to an iPad - dropbox), is an advantage for most users as the file system on most PC's present one of the biggest problems most users have.
    Everyone (even power users) has saved a file only to forget or not notice where. iOS's basic rethink of the UI changes this and eliminates the lost file problem completely. It will be interesting to see how it evolves as more powerful apps require more inter-app file/data sharing.
    But with all that said, it is clear that for now iOS is the vanguard or the next computing interface, combined with the ultra fast adoption of mobile devices and the competition with Android are building the post PC world very quickly.

  • cblack

    Dear AppleFUD
    Your the reason there is the virus platform ie Android. Here you can have all the useless crap you want and pretend you have something useful as long as you don't get called out on your bull shit. I'm very happy that morons like you won't be in the Apple universe. Now if you could just shut up and go away everyone will be happy and your kind won't be infecting everything the rest of humanity (99.999999%) wants. Yes your irrelevant accept your unique status and shut the fuck up.

  • Joe

    This is not a flame!

    I really think you need to buy one of the popular non-iOS devices. Please do so quickly so we can find out how you like them and how you use them. I'm sure a discriminating person of your caliber will use your unrestricted devices much differently than the 15 million+ that purchased iOS. I really would like to know, after you purchase your non-iOS device, how you use it.

    Personally, I like iTunes. I even like the Mac App Store. I also like my Apple iOS devices. They are fun, they are easy to use, I have thousands of choices of apps (350,000+), and to don't have to do anything complicated to get them to work correctly. I can either use them to consume information, or I can use them to be creative. Also, I have not experienced any virus or malware problems.


  • Laughing_Boy48

    The Droidtards are so proud that their Honeycomb tablets will be running the latest and greatest version of Flash. Month by month websites are being converted from Flash to HTML5. If Flash is so important to web usage then why are all these people waiting to buy the iPad 2 which obviously doesn't run Flash. If Apple can keep pulling in users to the iOS platform, mobile Flash will certainly become less and less important to users. If people want to have Flash, I believe they should but I also feel that HTML5 is definitely the future of open source web browsing. I don't know why the Droidtards want to cling to the past.

  • Bobby Mikels

    It is not surprising to see iPad 2 to surpass every tablet in terms of sales. Maybe Xoom has a better camera and a bigger memory but in terms of speed connection, Apple iPad 2 is the obvious winner. Maybe the biggest test that iPad will face in the coming months is the release of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and 8.9. It is said that these 2 tablets are thinner, has a better camera, and includes flash support. The only question will be the speed connection of these new Samsung devices.

  • someone

    apple will never add a memory slot. stop waiting.
    the memory has been apple's key way to price-discriminate since the initial launch of the iPod.
    price discrimination means charging the highest price to people who have the most money, and the lowest price to the people with the least money, without it hopefully being too obvious.
    there are lots of ways of doing this (like student discounts, senior citizens discounts, coupons, etc).
    in the tech world, it is memory.
    you just need to identify who has a lot of money to spend on tech. well, people who are serious users (and therefore likely to be willing to spend money) want memory and vice versa. so by charging more for more memory (much more than the cost of the additional memory), apple is able to price discriminate very very effectively.
    they will never ever offer memory expansion slots.