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Top 10 Twitter Trends: This Week’s Lineup

March 26, 2022 | Tim Ollason

It’s that time of the week again, the votes have been counted and the top 10 Twitter trends are in, here’s this week’s lineup courtesy of Mashable. The people/things in this list are the trending topics that were entered into people’s tweets and Matt Silverman has provided a summary for each.

We are pretty sure that last week’s YouTube sensation Rebecca Black will feature somewhere along the line as she was in 2nd position last week and her popularity has continued to grow. Anyway, enough chat – let’s go straight in at number 10 with one of our favorite sports UFC. Some of you may have watched UFC 128 this week featuring Urijah Faber vs. Eddie Wineland, Mirko Filipovic vs. Brendan Schaub and the big fight of the night Shogun against Jones. In at 9th spot we have Alexz Johnson who is Jude Harrison of the CTV series ‘Instant Star’.

In at number 8 is something that continues to pop up weekly and it’s Soccer/Football. One of the talking points this week was regarding Johnny Evans of Manchester United because of his tackle on Stuart Holden. Evans saw a straight red for what in my opinion was a 50/50 ball where both players lunged and one came worse off (let us know yours in the comments at the end of the article). In 7th spot we have the Libyan Conflict where Operation Odyssey Dawn has begun where US warships fired missiles on Libyan targets and French Rafale fighter jets were performing combat missions in Libya.

The 6th position goes to Elizabeth Taylor, unfortunately the 79-year old passed away and countless people paid tribute to her on the social networking site. She died of a heart failure but she will live forever in our memories as a legendary actress. Unfortunately more bad news was present in the number 5 spot as a Polar Bear at Berlin Zoo named Knut who is world famous also died. The bear died last Saturday in his compound and the cause of death is yet to be known.

Back to positives, the 4th position was taken by UK Comic Relief where Red Nose Day, an annual fundraiser for charity takes place held by the BBC. Celebrities and famous faces clump together and entertain you, one of their slogans this year was ‘do something funny for money’. In 3rd place was H1N1 where the Venezuelan Minister of Health Eugenia Sader has given confirmation that there are 100 cases of Infuenza AH1N1 nationwide with the concerns spanning across Latin American countries.

The topic that lay in 2nd position is Full Moon, for those of you who are unaware the moon last Sunday appeared but it was slightly different looking… It was 14% bigger and up to 30% brighter than it usually would be.

That leaves us with one position left, the topic that topped the charts this week is………. Rebecca Black! The 13-year old has moved up from 2nd of last week to lay claim to the crown of the biggest Twitter trend. Her YouTube video is deemed to be amusing, annoying, good and bad by the audience across the world but none the less, her video has now been viewed an astonishing 46 million times. Take a bow young lady!

Is this how you expected the Twitter top 10 to look this week? Is there a subject that you thought might be in there that isn’t? Let us know in the comments section below.

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