Motorola Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G: HSUPA Software Update April

The Motorola Atrix 4G was the first 4G capable phone for the giant AT&T network and received a lot of praise in reviews, although there have been recent reports of voice quality issues. We now have good news for Motorola Atrix 4G and also HTC Inspire 4G owners as both handsets will soon be receiving HSUPA capabilities.

Previously there was some concern about the Inspire 4G when it was revealed that the HSUPA radio on the phone was not enabled, similarly with the Atrix 4G, meaning that upload speeds were not as fast as they could be. AT&T has now confirmed though, that HSUPA capabilities will be enabled in a software update due in April, according to Bonnie Cha of CNet.

Faster upload speeds (up to 5.76Mbps) will be a boon to many users, especially after both phones were sold to customers before the HSUPA issue came to light, leading to complaints and legions of comments on user forums, so this move from AT&T will be very welcome. There’s no firm date for the software update yet but the good news for Samsung Infuse 4G buyers is that when the new handset is shipped it will already be HSUPA-enabled.

Phil Nickinson over on Android Central also reports on the HSUPA software update coming in April and points out a Facebook message has been posted by AT&T confirming an update, which Android Central presumes to be for HSUPA capability. A filing at the FCC also shows that permission for the HSUPA switch-on has been given. Are you an Atrix 4G or Inspire 4G owner and what are your thoughts that your handset will finally be HSUPA-enabled?

  • Bobby Mikels

    It is very disappointing that AT&T has not yet activated the HSUPA radios on Atrix and Inspire. The fact that this feature is one of the primary reasons why consumers decided to buy these devices makes their purchase useless and with no difference compared to the previous smartphones. AT&T should’ve activated the HSUPA by the time buyers had bought it, fresh out of the box. Motorola and HTC should have done something because they are also greatly affected by this incident. People will start to lose their trust to these two Telecommunications Companies after what happened.