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Best Apple iPad 2 Apps: Ten Top Picks

March 26, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’ve been keeping our readers informed with many articles about the iPad 2, both before and after its release, from a review roundup to a teardown. More recently we’ve looked at comparative prices for the iPad 2 in different countries and earlier today reported that some people are having issues with WiFi connection. We know that many of you will now have managed to get hold of an iPad 2 or are eagerly awaiting its delivery so today we thought we’d give you a pick of some of the best apps for the latest iPad.

The hardware upgrades for the iPad 2 mean apps have even more potential with the dual-core A5 chip offering much-improved graphics for gaming and also the new iPad of course features two cameras that should offer some creative and fresh ideas for camera-based apps. We looked at a collection of suggestions of some of the best iPad 2 apps from Recombu, PC Mag and also The Next Web and whittled the list down to our pick of ten of the best, some of which are free and some paid-for.

If it’s gaming apps you’re interested then you won’t go wrong with Infinity Blade, which has really used iPad 2 hardware improvements to its advantage, with images that appear both sharper and brighter. Another game which really uses the potential of the iPad 2 is Back to the Future, which runs much more smoothly on the iPad 2. We’ve also mentioned Angry Birds Rio before and let’s face it, we can’t deny the popularity of these birds and this time, monkeys. Real Racing 2HD is another app that you shouldn’t be without if you enjoy gaming as the gyroscope offers superior steering ability.

Moving on to social networking the Twitter app is a must-have and the iPad 2 version features video and photo capture to take advantage of the camera facility on the iPad and enable you to share your images with the Twitterverse. Another camera-based app is PocketBooth HD which is reminiscent of the style of the photo booths that deliver a strip of photos. Hipstamatic is another useful app that will enable your not-so-great images to be improved.

You can’t go wrong with the Google Earth app, which should really be on everybody’s mobile device, especially the iPad 2 with its increased performance and graphics. The visuals on this app are fantastic and the app is also speedy to navigate. Work-wise you might find the WebEx app useful which gives two-way video conferencing although you will need a WiFi network. The last app in our pick is Flipboard with a magazine-style look for news and social media which you can easily flip through, as the name suggests.

We haven’t included pre-installed apps such as FaceTime in our pick, not because they’re not excellent but simply because you already have them. If you have your shiny new iPad 2 and are wondering which apps to get first, hopefully these suggestions will give you some idea of the very best out there. For more ideas including some upcoming apps check out the Recombu, PCMag and The Next Web links above. Are there any apps here that you definitely want or have you any other suggestions or a great app for the iPad 2? Let us have your comments please.

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