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Value of LinkedIn: Enviable Demographic

March 25, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Value of LinkedIn: Enviable Demographic

Only a few days ago we brought you the news of how LinkedIn, the popular social networking site aimed at professionals, had reached its 100 millionth user. We gave some details of an interesting infographic giving statistics about LinkedIn users and today we have detail of another infographic about LinkedIn, this time telling more about its members and looking at the value of being LinkedIn.

The infographic was compiled by Online MBA and we heard about it from Todd Wasserman over on Mashable, who tells us that 74% of users has a college degree or higher. This means that LinkedIn, although not being quite as ‘on trend’ as Facebook and Twitter, does have a demographic base that many other sites would envy. The fact that LinkedIn has found a niche because it caters for business professionals means it has also found a growing worth and is heading towards an iPO.

First off LinkedIn’s 100 million user base, across 200 countries, means it has five times the population of New York state and last year there were 2 billion people searches on the site. An amazing statistic is that if LinkedIn were a country it would have the twelfth highest population in the world. The fact that every Fortune 500 company has executive members on LinkedIn shows the site has a certain amount of kudos and 69% of all users earn above $60,000 per year while 39% of those make more than $100,000 annually.

One thing we found surprising was that although 68% of users are over the age of 35, a high number, 76%, do not have children between the ages of 0 and 17. Does that mean that being a business professional and having children doesn’t mix? Alternatively it could mean many users are quite a bit older than 35 and have children over the age of 17. The most profitable part of LinkedIn is “Hiring Solutions” which involves recruiting, job posting and subscriptions and makes up 41% of LinkedIn Revenue.

There’s much more information available, including more about LinkedIn’s outlook, on the full infographic which you can see below this story. Are you a LinkedIn user and are you surprised at any of the facts and figures from this infographic? Why not let us know with your comments.

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The Value of Being LinkedIn
[Source: Online MBA]

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