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Three UK iPad 2 Release: 15GB Data Best Deal By Far

March 25, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

So as we are all aware the iPad 2 has landed on British soil, and for those who haven’t been up till the early hours waiting to place an order with Apple’s online store, there is the option to shop around for the best price plan.

Generally the deals across the carriers are pretty similar with the offer of a 24 month contract. Pricing ranges from T-Mobile and Orange’s £25 per month to Vodafone’s £24.50 if your a loyal follower or £27 per month for new comers.

According to Pocket-lint, O2 has kept it simple offering the same deal as the first gen iPad without any price slashes, £15.32 every 4 weeks for the 2GB package dropping down to £10.21 for the 1GB.

However in a bold move from the left flank Three, they has blown all the others out of the water. Yes it still means signing up to a £25 per month, 2 year contract, but instead of offering the standard 1 to 2GB data plan, Three is pushing out a massive 15GB data limit each month.

As of 5pm today, selected stores across the country were stocking the second generation device. The only downside to the huge data plan is the upfront cost to purchase the tablet, starting at £229 for the 16GB, to £279 on the 32GB, right up to £379 if you want the 64GB version.

If the initial outlay doesn’t put you off then why not head over to Three for the full rundown of pricing and details.

Tell us if you managed to get hold of an iPad 2 and which deal secured your vote?

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