Mobile Internet Usage & Marketing: Facts and Figures

A few weeks ago we gave you some news about social media and mobile commerce and how shoppers’ buying behavior was changing with the increasing use of mobiles. Today we have news for you of an intriguing infographic that looks at mobile marketing.

As more and more people use mobiles on a daily basis, businesses have to adapt to mobile commerce with various platforms, strategies and marketing ideas and the infographic displays the breadth of the mobile market today. The infographic was created by Microsoft Tag and brought to our attention by Sarah Kessler over on Mashable, and you can see the full infographic below this story.

There are some interesting statistics. For example there are now 4 billion mobiles phones globally and 1.08 billion of those are smartphones. On present statistics it’s forecast that mobile internet usage will surpass that of desktop internet by 2014 and a staggering 86% of people use their mobile internet devices whilst watching TV. How much time do you think the average American now spends on their mobile phone daily? Apparently people are socializing via their mobiles for an average of 2.7 hours per day.

As far as social networking and mobile marketing Facebook now has more than 600 million users and over a third of those use Facebook Mobile. Although Twitter has fewer users, around 165 million, 50% of those use Twitter Mobile and mobile devices are also used to view more than 200 million YouTube videos daily. There’s plenty more information on the infographic so check it out in detail below. Are you surprised by any of the statistics and are you one of the many who uses their mobile for socializing? Let us know with your comments.

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