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iPad 2: US Blamed For UK Stock Issue, One Month Delays Expected

March 25, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Since Apple’s iPad 2 official release in America on the 11th March 2011, there has been plenty of news surrounding shipping delays and whether stock levels of the tablet would suffer due to huge amounts of interest. Along with this, we were also a little sceptical as to how iPad 2 numbers would be affected due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan which was causing problems with the components of the device being shipped out.

Early hours this morning at 1 am GMT in the UK, the next generation tablet could be officially ordered, but it seems Mike here at OSM has stated, the ordering process was not straightforward. As well as customers trying to get through for a good 45 minutes and being met with an error message, some could not pay for the tablet due to their credit cards being rejected. This was apparently down to Apple taking the payment too many times.

If you were lucky enough to get as far as ordering and paying for the iPad 2, customers were then informed that they may be waiting for a good month to actually see their treasured device, making it April 25th before they actually see it. As Alan over at PR News stated, delays and stock shortages within the US have played a huge contributory factor towards other countries including the UK getting hold of a tab.

Were you lucky enough to get hold of an iPad 2 or did you give up trying to get through? What are your feelings towards the delays, is it something that we should just accept due to the device being so sought after, or should Apple have been more prepared?

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  1. Alex Nicklen says:

    I managed to get through after approx 1 Hour waiting time (so around about 2 AM) I purchased the Ipad without any duplicate charges on the credit card (Luckily) However I was Geniunly shocked to see the 1 Month delivery estimate on my conformation letter , I understand they have and are expirencing difficulties producing and shipping these devices, however I believe they knew this was going to happen before sales went live and therefor should have delayed launch and instead deployed a pre -order system for thoes that where up at Online Launch time . I am discusted at apple,more so than I was after discovering my Iphone could practically not make calls!. URGH

  2. daniel says:

    This shortage goes to show once again that Apple is more concerned with diligently putting out a quality product instead of rushing through production and selling a sub-par device. good job Apple! To all of whom will be waiting awhile for the iPad 2, be patient, it will be worth the wait.

    • Andrew says:

      That sounds like someone who queued and got one! Try looking at it from someone who didn’t. Apple may produce a good product but their communication and supply side shortages are a joke. I book the morning off to queue but found out 48 hrs before that it launches at 5pm and only enough to cover the 1st hours sales. The products may be ‘magical’ but dealing with the company is a regular letdown.

  3. Paolo says:

    Morning Everyone,
    I am so disgusted to, I tried to buy an iPad 2 in New York. I tried twice and still without it.
    I believe that this is a very poor service, we need to remember that this is a giant company and not a small company try to reach the market. They can't sell "samples" of iPad2.
    We already queue for long time and it very frustrating when you got there and "sold out"……..
    VERY POOR Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. psiber says:

    @daniel. Dude, you are correct in that they do produce a goo dproduct, but incredibly naive if you think thats the reason for the lack of stock on launch.

    Queues = news coverage = free advertising.

    That added to this weird phenomenon with humans, in that if you see everyone else getting something, you kinda wanna get it yourself!

  5. Davy rae says:

    I walked 2 miles and joined a queue in Dallas to buy stock due in at 11am, little did I know that people joining the queue behind me had been given ” next available stock” cards by the apple store. So they effectively jumped the queue and left us high and dry, the last 16gb went to the lady in front of me. Leaves a bitter taste, bad management of the product release for sure…

  6. Martin says:

    Apple are playing a stuip game short stock no supply of iPad 2 o well if apple not carefully people will switch to other tabletts rims black book etc shame on you apple you should no from past

  7. Guest says:

    4th April still no stock in stores and online a 28 days wait if you can place your order apple are for sure going to lose sales when motorola xoom is due out in a few days and a week later the Asus tablet ,and not least apple have rushed out the iPad 2 because iPad 3 is said to be in six months and that's from someone who works from apple

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