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Facebook Profile Pictures…The Profile Shot - What’s Yours?

Facebook has dominated social networking for quite a while now and the rate they are growing they stand to continue their success for the time being anyway. Whilst Facebook will continue to add all their updates there’s one that you have the power to control and be creative with is your Facebook profile pictures, now we are wondering what post the profile shot holds for you.

Nick O’Neill has added a report to allfacebook.com that kicks off talking about MySpace and how if you were previously a member then you may remember the classic profile image, which was a portrait photo taken in someone’s bathroom mirror. O’Neill says that there’s a new type of image sweeping the nation of Facebook.

He describes the new picture like the famous ‘Magnum’ pose from Zoolander with the eyes fairly wide and a pout. Whilst we have seen a whole load of posing pictures being used for Facebook profile photos (both men and women), the pout or as it’s also known… The Duckface is creeping into a lot of them, see an example below.

The Duckface has gone very far, to the point where they have an official website and a Facebook page with more than 45,600 people who ‘Like’ it. They find pictures of people pulling off the Duckface and then proceed to have a pop at them.

What do you use as your Facebook profile picture? Have you been guilty of the Duckface in the past? Let us know in the comments section below.

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