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AT&T and Verizon iPhone 5 Release: Will Sprint Cope Without?

March 25, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve written a myriad of stories giving our reader’s news and speculation about the next-generation iPhone, the Apple iPhone 5. When the iPhone 4 came out it was exclusive to AT&T although finally of course, Verizon got its hands on the iPhone too. So how will Sprint fare if it becomes the only major carrier not to carry the iPhone?

We know many of you can’t wait for this next handset, due in June, although another recent rumor said it might be delayed until the third quarter. We recently told of the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA and so it seems likely that T-Mobile users will also get the iPhone at some point (although it may have to wait for the iPhone 6), which will leave Sprint well and truly out in the cold. If customers were leaving T-Mobile to go to AT&T and Verizon for the iPhone, this is bound to impact Sprint in the same way.

As Desire Athow over on ITProPortal says, Sprint does carry some decent smartphones and more are on the way such as the HTC EVO 3D and the Nexus S 4G, but will any of them really be enough to compete with the iPhone 5? Judging by the recent iPad 2 release, the popularity for Apple products is gathering even more strength. Anya Vinclauv over on Gather makes an interesting point when speculating about whether Verizon will try to buy Sprint, in the same way as AT&T with T-Mobile.

Vinclauv also notes though, that most customers using Sprint, do so because of lower prices, so it’s possible that the lack of an iPhone 5 may not be as damaging as expected. However we feel that it seems less and less likely that Sprint will be able to keep its current share of the market, let alone gain more customers, so the iPhone 5 could lead to Sprint’s long slow demise, unless of course there are talks going on behind the scenes between Apple and Sprint….!

What are your thoughts on the possible damage to Sprint if it doesn’t carry the iPhone, which doesn’t look likely? Do you think Verizon will acquire Sprint to become the largest carrier again, if the AT&T deal with T-Mobile goes through? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Mike

    All I have to say, is if sprint does not get the iPhone 5; I am switching right to Verizon! Now I know that sprint is trying to make a hype about this new evo 3d (coming this summer). It might be cool but the point is, is that apple has a way with their products. Apple makes their devices so useable and every single one of their devices has a sleek, smooth design! Oh and Apple has the best multitouch technology ever! I have an evo 4g right now it’s great! But it’s not nearly as smooth as apples iPhone 4.
    It would be smart of sprint to work out getting the iPhone this year!

  • Joey

    I have been a Sprint customer for 5 years now. Their customer service is not that great, but decent and their devices are crappy. The only reason I have not left them is because of their prices and their network. I believe that if Sprint were to carry the Iphone 4 or maybe 5, there would be a large migration of customer to this carrier and I would defintely not consider switching to another carrier.

  • Marv

    I have been a sprint customer for 10 years. They have decent customer service but I too am with them for the price.
    However they have just raised the price of their smartphone plans by $10/month making them comparable to AT&T and Verizon. Combine that with the no Iphone thing and thats just about enough to make me switch to Verizon. If I were the president of Sprint I would be on my knees to Steve Jobs begging for a deal to sell the Iphone. Otherwise the only way that Sprint will survive is to lower its prices significantly.

  • Isaac

    Well I have been with Sprit since 2001 but if they don't make the Iphone available I will switch to Verizon abd they will no longer see my $168 monthly payment . I have the Evo and its cool but nor the Evo and no other device will ever be an Iphone competitor . If Sprint doesn't make partnership with Apple they are more than stupid because if they did they would make more profit because many people that are with other companies would switch to Sprint . Only the Iphone would make Sprint rise like bubbly champange …… So Sprint I hope what I heard from a friend of mine that works at Apple told me , that Sprint will get the Iphone is true than you Sprint will continue make profit from me for many many more years ……

  • Harry LIme

    I am a T-mo client and by now we all know the about the ATT news. I believe that Sprint customers will get the iPhone before T-mo customers will and that is because that is the way ATT wants it. ATT says it will 'divest' up to 40% of T-mo's customers if deal goes through. Where doe we go? That will be Sprints gain, especially if Sprint gets the iPhone and lowers prices. The trouble for me is that I will be making some trip to the U.K. and onto the continent of Europe later this year and all next year, they operate on GSM and Sprint (like Verizon) operate on CDMA. Unfortunately I am in an awkward position of begging to stay with the firm that put T-mo out of business and will increase rates.

  • Daniel

    Sprint Customer going on 5 years. I LOVE SPRINT and Sprint Devices DO NOT suck. My HTC EVO 4G Beat Out the iPhone 4 as Phone of the year according to PC World Magazine (one of the leading names in ALL THINGS technology.) Another Sprint Phone was the one to dethrone it (the Epic 4G) so sorry. But NO, Sprint does not "need" the iPhone. Android is JUST as viable and, according to the iPad 2 specs versus new release Android tablets specifically the HTC EVO View 4G, sometimes BETTER. Get over it iPhone evangelists. iProducts are not going to win every category anymore. I have had NO issues with customer service at all and I live in rural Idaho ffs. Those doubting the EVO 3D… it has a DUAL CORE PROCESSOR AND A FULL 1GB of RAM…. Not even the iPad 2 matches that or comes even close other than in screen resolution and screen resolution only matters to a certain degree. Open source means that any iPad/iPhone app can technically be made for Android. And Android usability took me less than 10 minutes to learn to use completely. So the usability of Android cannot be discredited as being any less than that of iPhone. You all act like Apple makes everything the best and its not true. The mac really isn't even better and the only reason it is more secure is because less people use it so its less prone to be attacked. And For the Record, Sprint has repeatedly said it does not need or want the iPhone. It has android, blackberry, windows phones, and palm…. why would it need apple too (in fact, for years Sprint was the exclusive carrier of Palm devices. Just saying. This whole article is an advertisement that does not even give due respect to android. The HTC tab has a better processor, same cameras, same tilt functionality, same touch functionality, better RAM, same hard-drive, slightly less resolution, and external memory capability. It also has HDMI amongst other things (unless they ditch that one). It's just better. And again, Android has nearly as many apps. Take that PEOPLE WHO DO NOT THINK AT ALL.

  • Daniel

    And for the record, I call anyone who does not think or research the products an idiot. The iPhone five is simply being speculated at. But as the iPad 1 was better than the iPhone 4, it would be safe to assume that the iPad 2 would be better than the iPhone5, unless they wait more than a year to release, but then it only took HTC a year to go from 1GHtz processor to 1.2 and 1.5 processors and half a GB of RAM to 1GB of RAM. While the iPad 2 caught up to the HTC EVO 4G in both processor and RAM. That's just ridiculous. And the New windows phones set for release are pushing to break the 1.5 mark. It's really just a matter of time before apple must get off of its "aura" of being a great product and start setting real benchmarks again, because they haven't since the iPhone 3gs

  • Sprint4life

    I couldn’t agree more with mike apple does make fine products but how long have they been around versus android give it some time and they will be a far bigger os and more refined just like it took microsofts xbox five years to reach a profit and make a name for them selves when sony did it in a lil after 2 1/2 years but what I’m getting at it just takes time to open peoples eyes to show them that other products can do more then just compete but lead

  • Brian adams

    Apple products are made to look pretty not for performance. Sprint is good it has th second best coverage in the U.S. They have the cheapest prices. Also they roam onto verizon for free. So i would go with sprint anyday. Everybody juss gets sucked up by there advertising. Sprints wimax is just as good as anything else. Why do they need the iphone? They got the evo which is faster then the iphone. Most people at my work have sprint and get 2-3 bars inside. Tmobile only get about 0-1. At&t get 1-2 and verizon gets about 3-4.

  • Mason Jones

    I personally don’t mind the iPhone. It is not something I drool all over but I like it. However, I am actually very hesitant for Sprint to get the iPhone. When the iPhone came to AT&T and Verizon, the data started to get capped and the costs went up slightly. I like Sprint because the data, even though they raised it 10 bucks, is still unlimited and the plan is cheaper for me. If the iPhone came in Sprint would jump on the data cap hand wagon and ruin the good deals…

  • @mikeudut

    so you would pay an extra 60 month for your plan just to have a iPhone? wow thats sad real sad just get an ipod touch if you need apple in your life that bad. Although I do agree that sprint should get the iphone if they did they would probably get a hell of a lot more customers because face it there prices will never be beat. I WOULD LOVE TO VERIZON GIVE YOU A 69.99 UNLIMITED EVERYTHING PLAN. LOLOLOL THOSE CHEAP BASTARDS. Oh and sprint lets you call any cell phone for free no matter what network there on!!!!!!!!!!