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Apple iPad 2 On Vodafone UK: Price Plans & Cost Good?

March 25, 2022 | Mike Smith
Apple iPad 2 On Vodafone UK: Price Plans & Cost Good?

Many of you Apple fans out their will already be aware of the iPad 2, we brought you news of its announcement and US launch, as the UK launch is just around the corner it’s going to be interesting to see what deals are offered on this latest Apple device.

This device will be hitting UK stores at some point today, with a very low price tag of £399 for the base model we expect the iPad 2 to sell through the roof. For those looking at getting their hands on a 3G variant with a good price plan, Vodafone may be able offer you what you need.

According to their online shop this device will be available to all customers in store tomorrow from 5PM, although these stores generally close about this time we would imagine they will be staying open later for this launch.

This new iPad is available to new and existing customers although it would seem existing customers will receive a discounted price plan, available on 24 month contracts you can expect to pay £27 a month which will give you 2GB of data allowance. Depending on what size iPad you want you can look at paying between £229 and £379, existing customer again will receive a discount on the hardware price and will pay between £199 and £349. To check out these price plans follow this link here.

As we said earlier the basic version of this device costs £399, if you were to take either one of these contracts you could be looking at quiet a steep figure of £787 to £877. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative then maybe you could have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this tablet has just had its price slashed by Asda to a mere £300.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think these prices are competitive? Will you purchase the iPad 2 through Vodafone?

Please let us know your thoughts below

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