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SparkRelief Site Assists Japan’s Earthquake Homeless

March 24, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As the relief effort in Japan continues, scores of people be it individuals, businesses, charities, social networking sites, celebrities and so on have all been doing their bit to help. One such organisation to help with the struggles that the Japanese people are undertaking is that of “SparkRelief.”

The non-profit site which set up in just 3 days, has and will be a lifeline for a huge number of people that have lost their homes. With many buildings including people’s possessions being washed away with the huge tsunami which followed on from the 8.9 richter scale earthquake on Friday 11th March, vast amounts of people have no-where to live other than temporary make-shift shelters.

In a bid to re-home some of the people, SparkRelief has built a portal where people can kindly offer their houses, flats or apartments for the people, even if its just for a limited period. So far as Mashable reported, the site has seen some 40 offers with the numbers increasing by the week. Although this is the first disaster (and a huge one at that) for SparkRelief to help, it is in fact reaping the benefits with knowing that some good is coming out of their site. Following on from the huge forest fires that hit Colorado in September last year, SparkRelief’s founder Eli Hayes put his idea to use with Japan’s earthquake.

In conjunction to this, Hayes has spoken out by saying, “The impact extends far beyond simply providing temporary shelter. Each family or individual given shelter reduces strain on relief infrastructure like community shelters, food and water supplies, and other basic amenities like clean clothing or showers. If you target the housing issue, you solve all those other problems too.”

If this is something that you would like to participate in or if you know of anybody else, then head on over to Mashable for more information.

Give us your thoughts on a site such as SparkRelief doing their bit to help? Should others join in with the same or similar service?

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